Addiction Therapy

Drug Addiction Therapy

Drug addiction is an extremely complex medical problem. Since it’s both physically and mentally damaging, it’s difficult to overcome. Fortunately, there are numerous treatment methods available for those seeking recovery. The most effective drug addiction therapy involves multifaceted approaches that promote lasting sobriety.

The biggest benefit of therapy in addiction treatment is its ongoing, useful nature toward life improvement. People gaining these therapies learn to apply new coping skills for everyday life.

Addiction Is Only a Symptom, Not the Problem

There are many psychological, physical, social, and environmental factors in addiction. This is why some people struggle while others can control their alcohol or drug use. A family history of drug use, peer pressure, and easy accessibility are just some of these influencing factors.

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Frequently using drugs or alcohol also paves the way for physical dependence, which is a big part of addiction. Physical dependence means you must continue using your substances in order to avoid the ill effects of withdrawal. The prospect of discomfort locks many people into substance abuse when they would rather have a healthier life.

Many scientists believe addiction is genetic. Others believe the condition is more psychological than genetic. Indeed, genes are responsible for about half of a person’s risk for alcohol addiction. Researchers are actually looking for the “addiction gene.”

Research also shows that mental illness often goes hand-in-hand with addiction. About half of people with mental health issues also abuse drugs or alcohol. This is an attempt to “self-medicate” their mental illness and smooth out the rough edges of daily challenges.

Many men use drugs and alcohol as coping mechanisms. For instance, they may attempt to cope with past trauma by drinking or using drugs. In the long term, this only makes both the mental illness and addiction worse. Self-medication is a clear sign that you need drug addiction therapy.

Drug Addiction Therapy Helps You Overcome Your Addiction

Qualified substance abuse counselors focus on helping men overcome addiction. They help people just like you or someone you love set achievable, empowering short-term goals toward lasting recovery.

After achieving sobriety, behavioral therapy helps you gain skills for better physical and emotional wellness. It allows you to explore the cause of your addiction, too. Uncovering the root causes of your addiction empowers you to overcome those problems once and for all. It also helps you gain coping strategies to beat your problem with drugs.

Your therapist works with you to set long-term recovery goals. These goals form the pathway for you to rebuild damaged relationships, take responsibility for past actions and behaviors, and let go of guilt. By achieving your short and long-term goals, you are more likely to enjoy lasting recovery.

There are several types of addiction therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and motivational interviewing are especially helpful in recovery. The same is true of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), Trauma Informed counseling, and Experiential Therapy.

Drug Addiction Therapy You Need in Southern California

It’s scary to seek help for drug addiction. Therapy is also a scary prospect for many people. However, these fears shouldn’t keep you from getting treatment. By getting to know yourself better through drug addiction therapy, you open doors for a healthy recovery and a brilliant life.

At Serenity Lodge in Southern California, we take a comprehensive approach to drug addiction treatment. These therapies take place in peaceful, serene surroundings where men just like you come to achieve lasting recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Along with proven therapy techniques, you can also take advantage of the lodge’s pool, sauna, recording studio, movie theater, physical fitness center, and other amenities while gaining skills and strength for lasting recovery.

If you or someone you love need drug addiction treatment you need, call Serenity Lodge at (855) 932-4045. You can beat drug addiction. Serenity Lodge therapies help make your recovery happen.