alcohol group therapy

Group Therapy

Alcohol Group Therapy

Deciding to enter rehab for alcohol dependency is one of the best things you can do for yourself. While it may have taken you some time to make it to this point, the important thing is that you’re finally deciding to get help. During rehab, you’ll attend regular counseling sessions, which may include alcohol group therapy. What can you expect from group work, and how will it benefit you?

Benefits of Alcohol Group Therapy

You’re not alone in your struggles with alcohol. Once you begin group therapy, you’ll see that other people have similar issues. Like you, they didn’t know where else to turn, so they turned to drinking.

If you’ve had conflicts with loved ones over who didn’t understand your alcohol addiction, talking to people who “get it” can help a great deal.

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Benefits of alcohol group therapy include:

  • Newfound support system: It’s great if your family can take part in Family Support with you. However, having the support of peers who are going through similar struggles offers another level of support.
  • Being able to open up in a non-judgmental environment: No one will understand you better than people who’ve been exactly where you are. You can freely discuss your alcohol addiction without feeling judged or criticized.
  • Working together toward sobriety: In a group setting, you’ll be part of a community working toward a common goal. This can motivate you to make positive changes that put you on a sober path.
  • Gaining personal insight: When you participate in group therapy, you’ll get new insight into yourself. Seeing yourself through others’ eyes may show you a different, better side of yourself that was hidden under alcohol dependency.
  • Encouraging social skills: Some people drink to feel more at ease in social situations. It gets to a point where they don’t know how to interact without a drink in their hand. Talking to others in a group setting can increase your confidence in social circles. You’ll learn that you’re a valuable person who doesn’t need alcohol to be interesting or comfortable.

Continuing Therapy After Rehab

Once your rehab experience ends, does your group therapy have to as well? Not at all.

Many people find continuing therapy post-rehab to be helpful. You may have lingering issues you’d like to discuss with a caring counselor. Attending regular AA meetings is another way to keep yourself on the right track.

Counseling can be beneficial if you’ve dealt with a combination of alcohol and depression, which often go hand in hand. While you might think alcohol makes you feel better, the opposite is actually true. People who abuse alcohol are more likely to suffer from depression.

Being actively involved in alcohol group therapy can give you much-needed support. When you return home, you’ll face triggers at some point. Turning toward a therapy group may make a big difference in your continued sobriety.

Making a Fresh Start

Serenity Lodge is a rehab facility dedicated to helping Men win their battles against drug or alcohol addiction.

Clients can begin recovery in our beautiful, peaceful surroundings. Enjoy breathtaking views of the San Bernardino mountains in an amenity-rich setting. We provide a relaxing environment where you’ll begin a new journey toward health and healing.

Our addiction therapy methods include:

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