Drug relapse prevention is an important part of any long-term recovery maintenance plan. If you want to quit abusing addictive drugs, rehab can help. While you’ll likely face many temptations once you complete rehab and re-enter the real world, that doesn’t mean relapse is inevitable. Transformative treatment at Serenity Lodge Lake Arrowhead can teach you helpful tools for resisting future urges and maintaining life-lasting sobriety.

Real Recovery is About More than Just Getting Sober

Man with Headphones in Need of Drug Relapse Prevention EducationMany people seeking rehab want immediate results. While it’s true that treatment can help you get sober quickly, it doesn’t guarantee a lasting recovery. If you want to put a permanent end to drug abuse, you need a comprehensive drug relapse prevention plan.

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A comprehensive relapse prevention plan creates a strong foundation for your recovery. Like most people, you likely have certain triggers—people, places, or things—that fuel your addictive behaviors. An effective drug relapse prevention plan can teach you how to recognize these triggers and resist them.

Another key to achieving long-term recovery is relearning basic yet valuable coping skills. Life is full of stressful moments and unforeseen setbacks. It’s imperative that you develop healthy coping mechanisms in order to deal with the hectic times. Addiction therapy at Serenity Lodge gives you a wonderful opportunity to focus on your personal growth and develop strong drug relapse prevention tools.

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs have helped guide numerous people just like you away from addiction and toward a healthier lifestyle. You don’t have to suffer through multiple rehab attempts before achieving real results. By choosing quality care the first time, you can greatly reduce your risk of future relapse.

Learn Drug Relapse Prevention Techniques at Our Lake Arrowhead Facility

During your time at Serenity Lodge, your treatment plan will be personalized to address your specific needs. Rather than focusing on one area of recovery, we’ll treat your addiction from a clinical, physical, psychological, and spiritual aspect.

Serenity Lodge offers multiple levels of care, including:

Although treatment at our rehab center will be intensive, it can also be enjoyable. We want you to feel welcome and at ease during your stay at our center. We’ve taken steps to ensure a pleasurable experience for all.

For our Clients’ comfort, we offer luxurious amenities like an onsite wellness center with gym equipment and personal trainers, a pool, and 12-person sauna, racquetball court and golf, and an onsite movie theatre.

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