Men Embracing Drug Addiction Recovery ProgramsAlthough addiction itself knows no gender, the way that Men deal with it varies. Many experts believe that gender-specific drug addiction recovery can be more beneficial than a universal treatment program. Discover the benefits of seeking male-only treatment.

Gender-Specific Relapse Triggers and Issues

When it comes to drug addiction, Men have their own specific issues, including potentially different relapse triggers. Gender-specific rehab allows therapists and counselors to focus on the issues that typically impact a certain gender.

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For example, studies show that men are more likely than women to face barriers such as denial and pride. With gender-specific rehab, experts can spend more time focusing on breaking down these barriers. These barriers probably won’t need as much attention at a women-only rehab center. Some other areas that experts focus on more during male drug and alcohol addiction treatment include:

  • Father and son issues
  • Emotional isolation
  • Sexual issues
  • Narcissism
  • Aggression

Fewer Romantic Distractions

Recovery requires complete focus. Sometimes, it’s difficult for people to focus around members of the opposite sex. Studies show that starting romantic relationships during rehab is a slippery slope. In fact, relationships formed during rehab can indirectly contribute to relapse.

Gender-specific treatment programs help minimize the risk of romantic relationships. They allow people to focus on their recovery and form new friendships in a safe environment. Not having members of the opposite sex around also helps lower stress.

Studies also indicate that men are much more likely to share their problems when women aren’t around. Scientists believe that it has a lot to do with the mindset that having problems indicates weakness. With women around, men aren’t as open about their problems, which hampers drug addiction recovery.

Effective Drug Addiction Recovery Group Therapy

Group therapy is an important part of the rehab experience. During sessions, people get to share their problems. Sharing isn’t just therapeutic. It also lets participants see that they aren’t the only ones struggling with addiction.

However, studies show that Men can’t always relate to each other during group therapy. They can often experience different problems and issues when abusing drugs. While some problems are universal, others are more gender specific.

Men are also more willing to share male-specific problems without the presence of women. For example, sexual problems are common with drug abuse. However, men usually feel uncomfortable talking about such issues with women around.

About Serenity Lodge’s Male-Only Rehab

If you’re looking for male-specific drug addiction recovery, consider Serenity Lodge. We design all of our programs for males and put the needs of our male Clients first. Some facets of our program include:

We create these programs to help not only you better understand addiction but also your family members. Educational courses help Family Support sessions make a larger impact on addiction recovery.

Overcoming addiction isn’t easy, but Serenity Lodge can help launch your lifelong recovery. Our amenity-rich facility to make addiction recovery as stress free as possible. Call us today at (855) 932-4045.