According to recent statistics from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, about 140 million Americans over the age of 12 drink alcohol. Out of these individuals, 35% abuse alcohol through binge drinking or heavy drinking. Too few of these seek the alcohol addiction treatment they need. Many simply fear symptoms of alcohol withdrawal and how they will feel in the first days of recovery.

Why You Experience Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal

Man Experiencing Symptoms of Alcohol WithdrawalDrinking alcohol in excess causes many changes in your body and brain as adjust to having alcohol in your system. After a while, you don’t feel “normal” without drinking. When you enter detox, your body works to reverse its adjustments and return to normal operation. This is what causes symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.

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Alcohol withdrawal is an individualized experience. How your detox progresses depends on many factors unique to you. These factors include:

  • Your age
  • How much alcohol you consumed
  • Frequency and duration of alcohol use
  • Detox history, number of times detoxed in the past
  • Whether you used other substances besides alcohol
  • Your peak blood alcohol levels
  • Whether you have underlying mental illness or physical problems

If you have gone through detox in the past—particularly three or more detoxes—you risk more severe symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Of course, the longer your drinking history, the worse withdrawal will feel.

Actual Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal

In order to get you into the right detox program, your doctor or alcohol addiction specialist will conduct an addiction assessment. This assessment helps form your rehab treatment plan. After detox, you’ll transition into a quality rehab program where true recovery begins.

Alcohol withdrawal causes a variety of ill feeling and distressing symptoms. Alcohol is one of the most severe substances from which to detox, and the process can be life-threatening. This is why you need the help of a professionally supervised detox program. Your addiction counselor at Serenity Lodge can help you find the right detox center for your needs.

Psychological effects of alcohol withdrawal include anxiety, nightmares, mood problems, agitation, and fear. Of course, you’ll feel intense cravings for alcohol during detox. You may also feel weak, confused, and generally sick. Nausea, headaches, sleeplessness, sweating, hallucinations, heart palpitations, and body tremors may also appear during withdrawal.

Some of the most dangerous effects of alcohol withdrawal are seizures and delirium tremens (DTs). DTs are a collection of symptoms that include seizures, delirium, increased blood pressure, rapid heart rate, severe hallucinations, fever, and tremors.

How to Get Through Alcohol Detox Into Rehab

You know you want a better life with freedom from alcohol addiction. You show all of the symptoms of alcoholism and alcohol is wrecking your life. When you look around and evaluate the damage, you may have lost friends, family, money, work, dignity, self-respect, and possibly even your freedom. However, you can get all of these back with the right help.

The best path to recovery begins with talking to an addiction specialist at Serenity Lodge. Our men’s rehab program in California offers your best option for lasting recovery. Experts at Serenity Lodge will help you find the right detox for your specific needs. When you finish detox, you’ll smoothly move into rehab, where your new life begins.

Serenity Lodge offers an amenity-rich environment that promotes relaxation and peace as you focus on your addiction. Through individual, group, and family therapies, you’ll begin to repair the damage that alcohol addiction has caused. Using the tools and skills gained in drug and alcohol addiction treatment, you’ll start rebuilding your life.

However, rehab doesn’t have to be just hard work. During this important time, you can tap into your talents, bond with peers in recovery, and learn new hobbies for your future. Amenities of Serenity Lodge include:

  • Professional recording studio
  • Movie theatre
  • Swimming pool and sauna
  • Meditation and nutritional, prepared meals
  • Golf and racquetball
  • Fitness in a 1500 square foot gym

If you’re ready for a better life in recovery, call Serenity Lodge now at (855) 932-4045.