Man Benefitting from Counseling in Alcoholism ProgramsRegardless of a person’s gender, getting alcohol addiction treatment is a noble decision. However, men’s addiction treatment differs from women’s. In fact, statistically men are more likely to develop alcohol use disorder, and for different reasons. Learn how male-only alcoholism programs are beneficial.

Gender Responsiveness Removes an Obvious Distraction from Alcoholism Programs

Inpatient treatment programs in coed centers create chances for Men to connect romantically. Often, abstaining from one pleasure makes the body want to replace it with another. This can distract Clients from focusing on their recovery programs and may even lead to relapse. Although nearly all coed rehab centers ban intimate activity, not everyone follows that rule.

Many therapists and other industry professionals think it’s more beneficial to remove the allure. In general, male-only residential care is more effective without the lust or romance that may develop in a coed clinic.

Alcoholism Programs Tailored Toward Men’s Needs

Men often have different reasons for drinking alcohol than women. Some of these include broken relationships with children, anger, emotional withdrawal and a more hostile attitude. Stress at work, sexual tension, spiritual detachment or low self-esteem might also drive men to drink.

Male treatment goals are often different. They need to address the root cause of the addiction. Male-only rehab center staff members have special training to help them do just that.

Clients have the chance to talk about their common experiences. Many of the men who seek treatment are going through similar events in their lives. Male-only facilities allow them to connect with each other on that level.

A Male-Only Alcoholism Program is More Likely to Be a Judgment-Free Zone

Men also benefit from a less judgmental environment than if women were included. For instance, some men tell stories in group sessions about how they were physically or emotionally abusive to their spouses. Talking about those events can be hard with women around because they could react adversely.

During treatment, Men discuss gender issues. Since male-only alcoholism programs don’t include women, they don’t have to focus on unnecessary issues. Instead, they can spend more time on the pressures they face as men and why they’re addicted.

One pressure that men commonly face is societal expectations. Society promotes the notion that men always have to be strong. Male-only treatment programs remove these expectations and allow Clients to focus on what they need to recover and live sober lives.

Finally, men who enter alcoholism treatment are more likely to open up during group meetings or counseling when they feel comfortable. Some men have trouble relaxing around women. In a male-only rehab, they can develop stronger bonds and a sense of trust with fellow Clients.

Male-Only Treatment at Serenity Lodge

Clients at Serenity Lodge in California can take full advantage of the above benefits when they enter treatment. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, they’ll be able to rediscover their spirituality.

The 12-step program lays the foundation for many of our modalities. However, we make adjustments that tailor programs to each Client’s needs. Other treatment programs include:

Stop allowing alcohol addiction to control you or your loved one’s life. We give men the tools needed to kick the addiction and its bad habits to the curb. Experience a new beginning today: call Serenity Lodge at (855) 932-4045.