Alcohol use disorder is a crippling condition that can impact relationships at home, your work, and social life. You may know that there are alcohol treatments available, but how do you know which rehab facility is right for you? Serenity Lodge wants to help you ask the right questions before choosing a treatment center.

Alcohol Treatments Must Encompass a Multi-Pronged Approach

Man in Need of Gender-Responsive Alcohol TreatmentsBeware of a “one-trick pony” facility. At this type of venue, an alcoholism treatment program follows a universal approach. Either it works for you, or it doesn’t.

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That’s not the best way to undergo drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Instead of the one-size-fits-all treatment approach, look for a mix of modalities. The availability of different treatments ensures that there’s something that will work for everyone. Case in point is psychotherapy.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is the gold standard that works for the majority of Men with an alcohol use disorder. It’s a process that lets you pinpoint negative patterns in thoughts, feelings, and actions. Once you see them, it’s surprisingly easy to make changes. The trick, however, is finding them first.

However, for some individuals, this psychotherapy approach won’t work well. Therapists may then use dialectical behavior therapy, which focuses more on emotional regulation. When this is your primary need, there’s no point in spending time in cognitive behavioral therapy. You’ll benefit from undergoing a different treatment path.

Still another option you might choose is acceptance and commitment therapy. As you can see from these few examples, there’s a broad range of alcohol treatments. But few – if any – individuals enter rehab knowing exactly which method is right for them. It requires the availability of various therapies to discover the right fit.

Group Therapy, an Amenity-Rich Environment, and Flexibility

Continuing with the understanding that customization of a treatment plan is the key to effective alcohol treatments. They involve a number of therapeutic approaches to healing. Examples include:

  • Residential inpatient treatment that encourages you to live at the facility for maximum immersion in a healing environment
  • Partial hospitalization program that benefits Men who can’t turn over responsibilities at home or work to others for a few weeks
  • Dual diagnosis treatment that assists you with the management of a mental health condition alongside your addiction therapy
  • 12-Step program meetings that may be your first foray into a meeting where mutual accountability is a relapse prevention strategy

Many of these alcohol treatments involve support groups. Group therapy is a good option for Men who need to improve self-esteem. If you maneuvered yourself away from others, it’s an excellent chance to regain perspective. You might also benefit from group settings with an eye on building coping mechanisms.

In many settings, amenities become an afterthought. This isn’t true at Serenity Lodge. We understand that recreational therapy is a vital part of healing from addiction. That’s why we provide you with a gym, pool, racquetball court, and recording studio to allow for enjoyment after treatment.

You have the opportunity to interact with peers on a social level. Also, you practice how to have fun without using. For some, recording music or watching sports without alcohol is new. You need to practice it so that it feels second nature when you leave and return home.

Why It’s so Hard to Reach out for Help for an Alcohol Use Disorder

Undergoing alcohol treatments means that you’re admitting a weakness. For this reason, many people continue to suffer from an alcohol addiction even though it’s slowly killing them. They don’t realize that there’s a program where they don’t have to fear judgment or stigma.

At Serenity Lodge, we offer you exactly this kind of treatment setting. You don’t have to continue down the path that your addiction is taking you. With the right combination of therapy, flexibility, and gender-responsive group settings, you can recover. Call (855) 932-4045 today to get started.