When the idea of drug treatment was still new, many rehab centers gave Men the same treatment. As time went on, experts found that Men deal with addiction differently. This revelation brought on gender-specific rehab clinics. At Serenity Lodge, we’ve taken the idea of gender-specific rehab to the next level.

How We Stand Out From Other Rehab Centers

Men Searching for Drug Rehab CentersAt Serenity Lodge, we offer addiction treatment. Since we only focus on gender-specific needs and issues, our Clients enjoy quicker recovery times than those at co-ed rehab facilities. In fact, our staff members create custom treatment plans for every Client at Serenity Lodge. Our custom plans help us focus on their main areas of need.

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Amenity-Rich Environment

Beyond offering custom treatment plans, Serenity Lodge has tons of amenities. These services are an important part of the rehab experience. Amenities give Clients different ways to relax and relieve stress. Staying stress-free makes it easier for the body to recover.

While many rehab centers offer amenities, few provide them on the same scale as Serenity Lodge. We want our Clients to enjoy their time with us as much as possible. Our amenities help achieve that, including:

  • 12-persona sauna
  • Pool
  • Movie theater
  • Indoor Racquetball
  • Professional recording studio

We also have a 1,500-square-foot gym where our Clients can work out. If they need help relaxing, our team provides meditation and nutritional, prepared meals. These services help improve the health of the mind, body, and spirit.

At Serenity Lodge, however, we think that seeing a center is important. That’s why we offer video tours on our website. These tours allow people to see our facilities first hand without leaving the comfort of home.

Rehab Skills That Last a Lifetime

Some drug rehab clinics just want to help people for the short term. At Serenity Lodge, we want our Clients to avoid relapse. In fact, our relapse prevention program ensures that they receive the knowledge that they need to stay sober.

We help our Clients avoid relapse in several ways. First, we help them identify their triggers so that they know which situations to avoid. Next, we teach them vital life skills to re-enter society as functioning people.

A Big Focus on Therapy

At Serenity Lodge, we put a major emphasis on therapy. Why do we focus so much on that? We’ve found that to make a full recovery, Men have to identify the root cause of their addiction. Therapy is a great way to find the cause and mend it.

The best drug rehabilitation centers offer a wide mix of therapies, and Serenity Lodge is no different. From evidence-based techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy to holistic approaches like Experiential Therapy, our main goal is to provide a range of therapies that best fit men’s needs.

Are you not sure which type of therapy is right? Don’t worry because our staff members help determine which ones will work the best for our Clients. We want to help men through every step of the recovery process.

Let Serenity Lodge Show You the Difference That the Right Rehab Facility Can Make

It’s not hard to find drug and alcohol addiction treatment in California. In fact, it seems like there are rehab clinics on almost every street corner. However, Serenity Lodge works hard to set itself apart from run-of-the-mill facilities. We put our Clients’ needs above all else.

At Serenity Lodge, we don’t want you to have to go through addiction alone. We want you to receive help in an environment in which you feel safe. We offer numerous services that you can take full advantage of, including:

Overcome your addiction with the help of Serenity Lodge. Let us lead you down the path to recovery so that you can take your life back. Call (855) 932-4045 to find out more about our amenity-rich rehab facility.