Gender-responsive addiction treatment is more than just a good idea. For many, gender-specific rehab is the key to sobriety. At our California addiction treatment facility, experts cater to individuals’ unique psychological and emotional needs. Learn how we can help you embrace sobriety.

Gender-Specific Treatment Personalizes the Approach to Recovery and Application of Modalities

Learn the Benefits of Seeking California Addiction TreatmentThe therapists at our California addiction treatment center do more than just recognize that Men are different. They capitalize on these differences to boost your success during recovery. For example, did you know that there are plenty of gender-specific issues that crop up during treatment? Case in point is society’s tacit approval of a man’s ability to hold his liquor, or that women are far more fun and outgoing when they’re tipsy.

When you’re dealing with an alcohol use disorder, you have to overcome these ways of thinking. In fact, you have to go against the grain and not be afraid to be different. Declining a drink is suddenly more than just a personal decision. You’re rebelling against unspoken rules.

Are you ready for this kind of behavior? If not, gender-informed therapy helps you to get there. It assists with unlearning damaging behaviors and thought patterns. In the process, it helps you to recognize healthy patterns of relating to others.

What to Expect at Our Gender-Specific California Addiction Treatment Center

Serenity Lodge therapists believe in a balanced approach to healing. Yes, the work you do will be challenging because recovery is never easy. During the process, however, there’s also going to be fun, relaxation, and camaraderie with peers.

During psychotherapy sessions, you manage to look beyond societal expectations. You let go of denial that has kept you from seeking help for so long. Instead, you recognize areas of possible change and discover coping strategies for those situations that will remain. Many times, the beginning of your journey to sobriety will begin with a medically supervised detox. After detoxification, you will be ready to move on to your personalized treatment program. Examples of therapeutic approaches to drug and alcohol addiction treatment include:

  • Dual diagnosis assessment and management that provides you with an opportunity to deal with mental health disorders alongside addiction
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy that seeks to change unhealthy patterns
  • Family support that involves loved ones and opens the door to undoing dysfunctional behaviors and ways of interactions
  • Group therapy that builds self-esteem and ends self-isolation
  • Experiential Therapy that opens the door to non-verbal communication of feelings and thoughts you just can’t put into words

During these sessions, expect to do a lot of work. A therapist who specializes in addiction recovery works with you as a guide. This professional ensures that you have every opportunity for personal growth. However, there’s also time for fun.

About Our Amenities

Having sober fun may be new to some program participants. In the past, going out with friends or staying in usually resulted in drug or alcohol use. Now, you unlearn this pattern and find out how to enjoy yourself without being high. Serenity Lodge offers a variety of amenities that include:

  • Gym access that promotes healthy workout regimens
  • Pool use provides no-impact exercise opportunities that work well for men of all fitness levels
  • Sauna therapy that relaxes your body and prepares you for a good night’s sleep
  • A recording studio lets you get back to your creative side
  • Meditation sessions train you in stress relief

How to Get Help at the California Addiction Treatment Facility

Imagine what these addiction treatment programs could do for you. They’ll help you to stop a destructive habit that you no longer have under control. The majority of program participants choose the residential inpatient treatment option. Doing so provides you with maximum access to therapeutic environments and amenities.

It’s time to open the door to a positive, substance-free life. Call Serenity Lodge today at (855) 932-4045 for professional California addiction help.