Are drugs and alcohol destroying your life? Are your relationships, finances, and career suffering because of your addiction? If you are being crushed under the burden of substance dependency, it’s time to learn about the detox methods and rehab programs that can finally free you.

What Is Detox?

Man in Need of Effective Drug Detox MethodsDetoxification, or detox, is a term that describes the process of body purification that occurs when someone stops using alcohol or other substances. The experience of alcohol and drug detox varies from person to person. It depends on factors such as the substances you used and the length of your addiction.

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Many people find the withdrawal process to be extremely uncomfortable and even painful. In fact, choosing to detox and go “cold turkey” at home can be dangerous and even deadly. For this reason, addiction treatment professionals often recommend that detox methods take place under medical supervision.

Detox Methods Have Three Components

Purifying your body after a period of severe addiction is a difficult and complex process that varies from person to person. That is why it’s often tailored to suit each individual’s needs. Nevertheless, detox usually has three common components:

Evaluation: During this thorough process, you will receive a complete physical examination that includes blood tests to determine how much of the substance is in your bloodstream. Furthermore, you will meet with mental health professionals to assess your psychological health. You and your team do all of this initial hard work so that you can come up with the optimal long-term plan to conquer your addiction.

Stabilization: The goal during this time is to minimize any withdrawal symptoms or physical harm during the detox process. This typically includes using psychological therapy and medical intervention.

Preparation: Detox is only the beginning. It’s virtually useless unless you follow it with a long-term drug and alcohol addiction treatment program. This should be your next step if you truly want to recover and put your addiction behind you once and for all.

Introducing Serenity Lodge

Once you have undergone a detox program at our partner facility to flush the drugs or alcohol out of your system, Serenity Lodge in California provides a safe haven where you can immerse yourself in a safe, relaxing, and spiritually-oriented atmosphere.

During your time at our male-only rehab center in California, you can get to the root of your addiction with the expert guidance of knowledgeable staff who utilize proven, evidence-based recovery methods. Best of all, your healing will take place on 22 breathtaking acres far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Rebuilding your physical and mental health after the ravages of addiction is easier in a fun and relaxing environment. After spending your day in individual counseling and group therapy, imagine laying down some tracks in Serenity Lodge’s professional recording studio. Or take advantage of some of our other amenities, which include the following:

  • 1500-square-foot gym for fitness therapy
  • Meditation therapy for mind-body wellness
  • Movie theater to promote recreation and social interaction
  • Pool
  • Twelve-person sauna
  • Racquetball and golf
  • Nutritional prepared meals therapy

All of these relaxing and physically reviving activities will give you the strength you need to overcome your addiction. Our comprehensive addiction therapy programs include:

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Our staff is trained to recognize the unique traumas and difficulties that contributed to your addiction. You will work with these professionals to identify and grapple with these obstacles to your recovery.

If you are a man struggling with drug or alcohol dependency, let the compassionate addiction experts at Serenity Lodge partner with you on your journey to lasting recovery. Detox methods are just the first step on your lifelong road to healing, as well as physical and mental balance. Make today the beginning of your new, sober life. Call us today at (855) 932-4045 to learn more about Serenity Lodge.