Young Man Struggling with a Drinking ProblemIn the back of your mind, you know you have a drinking problem. You consistently overindulge, frequently have hangovers, and spend too much time thinking about the next drink. You’ve tried to cut down on your drinking, but you just couldn’t. Do you ever wonder why you can’t just get up in the morning, go about your business, and not drink that day?

Understanding the Makeup of an Alcohol Use Disorder

In clinical terms, your drinking problem is an alcohol use disorder. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism explains that more than 11 million men suffer from this condition alongside almost 6 million women. But even within the confines of the disorder, there are differences depending on the severity of the disease.

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  • Tolerance: Your body builds up a tolerance to alcohol. While you think that you can hold your drinks pretty well, you’re actually putting yourself in a position where you need more just to feel a buzz.
  • Physical dependence: Maybe you’re getting a little concerned, and you want to quit. You may be able to do so for a brief time, but suddenly your body hurts. Your hands tremble. You don’t feel so good; so you take a drink to get better.
  • Psychological dependence: Now, the condition moves into your head. You think about nothing but buying the next drink, having a chance to enjoy it, and then covering up the aftermath. After a while, you don’t even care about the consequences. Your focus is now only on buying and consuming alcohol.

Denial Keeps a Drinking Problem in Place

Someone who cares about you may have mentioned that a 12-step program could help you to stop drinking. But you get defensive. You rationalize that you only drink beer and never before quitting time at work. Besides, you work hard. You’ve earned a cold one.

This kind of thinking masks what’s going on. Eventually, you’ll cross the line and start drinking hard liquor. You may start drinking early in the morning. Eventually, drinking may cost you your job.

There’s No Shame in Seeking Help

Part of the trouble with a drinking problem is alcohol’s powerful dependence factor. You can’t just get up one morning and wish it away. Your body and mind need help to beat an addiction. There isn’t a magic bullet that’ll end a physical and psychological alcohol dependence.

You can start with a medically monitored detox. This process weans your body off the substance, which helps you to get over painful withdrawal symptoms.

After completing detox at their local partner facility, alcohol addiction treatment at Serenity Lodge gives men the best chance to experience long-term recovery. Clients come to our California facility to get away from all the situations that add stress, and focus on getting well. Customized rehabilitation options can include dual diagnosis treatment, involvement in the 12-step process, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Don’t let your drinking interfere with another moment of your life. Kick your addiction to the curb. Call Serenity Lodge today at (855) 932-4045.