People use different terms related to drug and alcohol use sometimes interchangeably. However, addiction treatment professionals know the differences. While drug and alcohol dependence differs slightly from addiction, there are a lot of similarities. In many cases, addiction very closely follows dependence.

Hallmarks of Drug and Alcohol Dependence

Drug and Alcohol DependenceNo one starts out wanting to be dependent on a drug. A lot of people start using recreationally, only taking part if they’re partying or around a certain group of friends. Over time, however, your body not only grows used to the addictive substance, but it also begins to crave it.

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Common signs that you’re dependent on a substance include:

  • Continuing use despite negative consequences
  • Increasing tolerance to the drug
  • Experiencing extreme cravings
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms if you stop using

As the dependence deepens, users may hide and lie about what and how much they use. They also often suffer financial problems as more resources go toward buying drugs and alcohol. In addition, they may even run into legal problems stemming from DUIs.

Drug and alcohol dependence causes your relationships with non-using family and friends to take a backseat. You may only hang around other users because loved ones will try and talk you into getting help. When you’re deep into dependence or addiction, you’re also in denial about how serious the problem is.

Despite the legal, personal, and financial troubles you may have, you’ll continue to use until you either hit rock bottom or suffer a crisis.

Physical vs. Psychological Dependence

Is dependence physical or psychological? In reality, it’s often both.

Many people feel like they need that jolt first thing in the morning from a cup of coffee. If you drink coffee every day and then go cold turkey without it, you’ll suffer withdrawal symptoms. You might have a headache or feel tired until your body detoxes from the caffeine. You probably don’t consider yourself an addict just because you drink coffee, although your body is physically dependent on it.

Psychological drug dependence relates to changes in your behavior. You may suffer anxiety and depression. These feelings will be pronounced when you can’t have access to drugs or alcohol. Your moods will be erratic.

More serious psychological effects include hallucinations and paranoia. Some users end up being violent while high but have no memory of their behavior afterward.

Once a person is dependent on a substance, he feels like he can’t function normally without it.

Beating Dependency and Addiction

No matter which substance you or a loved one is dependent on, there’s help available. When you’re ready to start recovery, Serenity Lodge is here.

Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment center is a men’s-only facility with a host of amenities our Clients can enjoy. As you work toward recovery, you can meditate, take in films at our on-site movie theater, or enjoy quiet time in our library. You can also focus on your physical health by working out in our gym or hitting the racquetball court.

We’re nestled in beautiful, private surroundings, and we take in Clients from all parts of California, including LA, San Diego, and Orange Counties. In fact, many men from all parts of the country have sought our services.

We provide a serene, peaceful setting where your mind, body, and spirit can all heal.

Our addiction treatment programs include:

If you’ve had enough of drug and alcohol dependence controlling your life, you can overcome your addiction with help from a quality rehab. We’re ready to help you start on the road to recovery, so call Serenity Lodge today at (855) 932-4045.