Completing a heroin detox program is important for getting clean. However, clearing your body of all those toxins is the first step of many toward long-term sobriety. Learn why continuing with comprehensive addiction treatment programs is just as important.

What the Detox Experience Is Like

Sleeping Man in Need of a Heroin Detox ProgramDetox is the shortest part of recovery, but that doesn’t mean it’s the easiest. During detox, you’ll experience withdrawal symptoms that range from mild to intense.

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What does a typical heroin withdrawal timeline look like? For many people, it looks like this:

  • Several hours after your last dose: Your body may feel achy, and you might begin to feel anxious and irritable.
  • 24–72 hours: This is when your symptoms will be at their worst. Some people—particularly those who try at-home detox—find it too painful, so they turn back to using. Common symptoms during this period include severe muscle aches, nausea, insomnia, chills, cramps, and diarrhea. More intense symptoms include increased heart rate and breathing difficulties.
  • The first week: Although you may still have cravings, you’ll begin feeling better after the first few days. Additionally, sticking with nutritious foods is key to giving your body the fuel it needs.
  • After detox: While most of the toxins will be gone, heroin could still have a psychological hold on you. Mild withdrawal symptoms may pop up occasionally, which is why transitioning into a professional drug rehab is vital.

Keep in mind that your withdrawal experience may be different from someone else’s. Many factors influence the severity of your symptoms, including how long you’ve used and your typical dosage amounts.

Some people have intense, painful withdrawals. That’s why it’s important to complete a heroin detox program under close medical supervision. This is the safest way to go through the process. Some facilities can even administer medication to ease the worst of your symptoms, making detox less painful.

Why a Heroin Detox Program Is Just a Start

Even the best heroin detox program will only scratch the surface of improved health and healing. Detox doesn’t examine the emotional, mental, and spiritual barriers you’ll have to overcome as you work toward recovery. It may get your body clean, but it doesn’t provide any insight into what led you to addiction. It also doesn’t give you the tools you need to stay drug-free.

The rest of your rehab experience will help you get to the root of your dependency. Through high-quality addiction therapy, you’ll begin to understand why you engaged in destructive behavior patterns.

You’ll see why it’s so hard to let an addiction go, even as you desperately wanted to quit using. During the rehab process, you’ll gain invaluable skills that will help you productively cope in the future. You’ll learn to relieve stress in many other ways that don’t include drugs or alcohol.

A great rehab program will give you the confidence you need to effectively deal with triggers and stressors once you return home.

Helping You With Long-term Sobriety

Whether it’s heroin, alcohol, or other substance addictions that you want to break away from, Serenity Lodge can help.

Our spiritually oriented rehab facility provides relaxing treatment in an amenity-rich setting. Clients can enjoy time in our fitness center, meditation pyramid, or on-site movie theater. Our treatment center is nestled in the peaceful atmosphere of the San Bernardino mountains, giving you a serene, safe environment in which to heal.

Our addiction treatment approaches include:

Now’s the time to begin your recovery journey. With our help, you can overcome addiction and find lasting peace. Contact us today at (855) 932-4045.