Responsible Medication Management at Serenity LodgeDuring rehabilitation, medication management is vital to a successful recovery. However, the supervision and handling of this treatment philosophy is different at every rehab facility. At Serenity Lodge, we recognize the proven evidence behind the appropriate use of medication and daily supplements.

Any medication needs should always be accompanied by a proper treatment program and therapy. This is even more important with co-occurring disorders where you’re facing both substance abuse and mental health issues.

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Medication Management Methods

Our addiction treatment programs at Serenity Lodge will guide you through recovery and into sobriety. However, you may face withdrawal symptoms and other challenges along the way. In this case, medication, such as suboxone, is regularly used to fight those symptoms while giving you focus on your recovery goals and treatment.

Programs at Serenity Lodge

We offer a variety of programs for our male clients. Because the majority of our staff is in active recovery, we understand the importance of comprehensive, individualized care.

Along with group therapy and other sessions, we’ll tailor your program to your circumstances and substance abuse experience. Our treatment options include:

Our 12-step program offers a holistic approach to rediscovery and rehabilitation. This powerful program will help you acknowledge your addiction problem and help you gain understanding and confidence. With this strategy, you will learn lifelong principles that will help you maintain your newfound sobriety throughout your future.

We also offer a dual diagnosis program that addresses both substance abuse and mental health. We understand that solely treating your addiction isn’t always going to work. We’ll work with you to also address depression, anxiety, trauma, and any other mental illness you are struggling with.

Focus on Recovery at Serenity Lodge

Making the decision to enter rehab takes courage and determination. Once you’ve made that important step, our staff at Serenity Lodge will guide you through a safe and healthy recovery.

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