Drug and alcohol addiction is a problem that millions of individuals face at some point in their lives. If you or a loved one is currently suffering from addiction, it may be time to consider seeking outside help. An addiction that goes untreated raises one’s risk of experiencing severe consequences, including possible overdose and/or accidental death. Fortunately, rehab treatment programs at Serenity Lodge can help men embrace sobriety.

Addiction Doesn’t Discriminate

When it comes to substance abuse and addiction, nobody is immune. Addiction doesn’t care if you’re male or female, young or old, or rich or poor. If you repeatedly abuse a mind-altering substance, you put yourself at risk for developing an increased tolerance and full-blown addiction.

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Addiction is a Disease that Demands Attention

Woman Talking to Therapist During Rehab TreatmentContrary to popular belief, addiction is a disease and not a choice. Once an individual has grown chemically dependent upon a specific substance, quitting is no longer an easy feat. This is because addiction is a disease that alters the chemical structure of the brain. Over time, the brain and body begin to believe they need the substance to feel “normal” and perform properly.

When long-term heavy usage suddenly ceases, strange symptoms usually start to occur. The body and mind go into withdrawal mode when the substance suddenly becomes unavailable. While symptoms are rarely life-threatening, they can feel quite severe for the user. Symptoms vary widely, but most withdrawals feature a great urge to seek and abuse the user’s drug of choice.

For many, withdrawal is a huge obstacle that stands in the way of total recovery. Even people who genuinely want to stop abusing may find it difficult to resist these urges when their withdrawal symptoms peak. If you want to get clean and achieve real change, consider medical detox and rehab treatment. A medically managed detox process is the safest and most effective method for managing withdrawal and preparing for lasting rehabilitation.

Recover Your Sobriety by Seeking Rehab Treatment in California

If you’re living with drug or alcohol addiction, you don’t have to face your struggle alone. Quality help is available at our safe, private, and relaxed rehab facility in California. At Serenity Lodge, you can focus on healing while enjoying the luxuries and comforts of our amenities-rich facility.

Our Clients can reduce their risk for future relapse by undergoing medically managed detox at our partner’s off-site facility. Once detox is complete, our Clients can transition into one of our addiction treatment programs. Each of these personalized programs is designed to act as a stepping stone toward total and lasting change.

Just a few of the programs and therapies offered at Serenity Lodge include:

In addition to these programs, Clients can enjoy amenities like an on-site movie theater, wellness center, recording studio, pool, and sauna. We also boast an impressive library and indoor racquetball court.

Addiction Help is Available Now

Don’t wait until your problem with addiction has manifested into something larger. Your risk for dire consequences and unnecessary tragedy remains high as long as your addiction goes untreated.

Give yourself and your loved ones peace of mind by seeking addiction help today. Serenity Lodge in California can help steer you away from addictive behavior and put you on the path to lasting sobriety. Call us today at (855) 932-4045.