A drug addiction disorder is a chronic condition with no cure. However, the right care can help it go into remission. This type of treatment is typically something you receive at a rehab facility such as Serenity Lodge.

Why Choose Professional Help for a Substance Abuse Problem?

Man Struggling with Drug Addiction DisorderThe chronic nature of a drug addiction disorder puts it on par with an illness such as asthma or diabetes. Everyone agrees that these conditions require professional medical intervention. You wouldn’t dream of asking someone with these diseases to tough it out by themselves. Well, the same is true for a substance abuse problem.

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Health experts recognize the condition to be a persistent brain disease with physical symptoms. Treatment makes it possible to overcome cravings and end the need to give in to the urge to use. Therapists use a variety of addiction therapy techniques to achieve these goals. Examples include:

  • Individual counseling as a vehicle for various psychotherapy approaches
  • Group therapy with an emphasis on gender-specific treatment for heightened effectiveness
  • Trauma Informed counseling to mitigate situations where someone feels the need to self-medicate to overcome sadness and unwelcome thoughts
  • Dual diagnosis assessment and treatment that manages co-occurring mental health disorders as they exist alongside an addiction
  • Relapse prevention technique building that includes trigger-response training and the development of coping mechanisms

Residential Treatment for a Drug Addiction Disorder

There are different delivery models for the addiction treatment programs. By far the most popular choice is the residential treatment approach. It’s the ideal setting when you’re dealing not just with addictions but also with co-occurring disorders. Because you have around-the-clock access to therapists, you get a maximum level of intervention.

However, there’s another reason why program participants like the residential model. It involves the various amenities that Serenity Lodge offers, which include:

  • A pool and a gym for personal fitness development
  • Library access for enjoyable times spent with some interesting reading material in a quiet lawn chair
  • A professional recording studio that lets you get back to being creative
  • Sauna and meditation pyramid locations allow for relaxation and overall wellbeing
  • A movie theater that enables you to enjoy yourself without feeling the need to use

When you prefer to sleep in your own bed at night, you have the option of undergoing a partial hospitalization program. This approach lets you spend the day at the rehab facility and the evenings at home. Outpatient drug rehab is the right option for a select group of program participants with distinct needs. Discuss your thoughts with an intake counselor before you decide on which therapy setting is right for you.

What Happens During Treatment?

Overcoming a drug addiction disorder isn’t a walk in the park. On the other hand, the best treatment methods don’t white knuckle you into sobriety, either. Instead, you find that there’s a lot of professional intervention as well as a caring, supportive environment.

Because you’ll be recovering with peers, you have their support. They share with you what works for them and what doesn’t. You may be able to learn from their experiences and share your own. You develop close peer relationships that help you stay firm in your resolve to stop using drugs.

By building these relationships, you overcome the self-imposed isolation that many drug users deal with. The process trains you for relapse prevention through peer assistance when you leave the facility. You might decide to join a 12 Step program or another support group at that time. More importantly, you understand the power of peer group interactions and how to form positive relationships.

All this goes on while therapists work with you on your situation. Case in point is the application of cognitive behavioral therapy principles. Your therapist helps you explore negative patterns in your thinking and acting. Doing so helps you pinpoint triggers for using drugs.

How You Can Start Healing Today

You don’t have to continue suffering. If drug addiction makes you feel like you’re living in a never-ending cycle of cravings, compulsion, and shame, there’s help. The caring therapists at Serenity Lodge want to show you how you can start healing today. Call (855) 932-4045 to talk to an intake counselor.