Crack cocaine is among the most dangerous illegal drugs. The drug has no medical purpose and is made strictly for a quick, powerful high. Sadly, many people try crack cocaine and don’t realize its addictive potential until it’s too late. When crack addiction sets in, it’s time for crack cocaine rehab.

Types of Crack Cocaine Rehab Treatment

Man in Need of Crack Cocaine Rehab FacilityCrack cocaine rehab treatment is primarily residential or intensive outpatient. Cocaine is so highly addictive that outpatient programs usually don’t provide enough structure or accountability for successful recovery. The best programs for this type of addiction are residential and intensive outpatient treatment, where you’re fully supported and kept as safe as needed to ensure relapse doesn’t occur.

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Most people fighting crack cocaine addiction enter residential treatment. This is due to crack’s highly addictive properties. Residential treatment takes you away from places of your drug use, denying you access to the drug while you adjust to recovery and learn relapse prevention techniques. You also need behavioral therapies to understand your addiction and treat underlying causes of your crack use.

Who Needs Crack Cocaine Treatment

About 6.2 million Americans over age 12 have used crack at least once in the past year, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Many people first use crack in high school. However, crack cocaine abuse can begin at any age.

Some signs you need crack addiction treatment include:

  • Health problems because of your drug use
  • Lost jobs or other opportunities because of crack
  • Suffer money problems because of using
  • Face relationship problems because of your drug use
  • Drug buying, possession, use or producing have caused legal problems
  • You can’t stop using the drug even though you know it is bad for you and your life

All of these are clear signs you need help for crack addiction. The longer you use the drug, the more your need for help increases. There are no positives to using crack, particularly since it quickly leads to addiction and damages every aspect of your life.

About Crack Cocaine Rehab

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment for crack cocaine usually requires a lengthy stay in an inpatient drug rehab program. Rehab time usually lasts for one to three months for people using this powerful drug. An individualized treatment plan charts the course you specifically need for your recovery. People with severe crack addiction need longer periods of treatment than those with mild addiction or short-term crack use.

When you decide to enroll in treatment, you’ll first go through an intake process. During this process, you’ll get to know the facility, staff, and procedures. You also receive a physical exam during this time, so your addiction specialists can learn more about you, your addiction, and personal needs. You next go through detox, after which rehab begins.

During residential rehab treatment, you receive the counseling and therapies you need for lasting recovery. Individual counseling provides you with insights into your own behaviors and thoughts so you understand why you started abusing substances in the first place. Past trauma heals through individual counseling and group therapies, where you learn about addiction and yourself alongside peers in recovery.

Throughout all of your therapies, you’ll gain relapse prevention skills that are important for lasting recovery from crack. You will use these skills every day in early recovery and throughout your lifetime.

Crack Cocaine Rehab for Men in Southern California

Few drugs are as addictive as crack cocaine. In Southern California, Men just like you recover from drug and alcohol dependence through residential and intensive outpatient treatment at Serenity Lodge. Serenity Lodge is an amenity-rich environment for men seeking lasting recovery. Amenities of Serenity Lodge include:

  • 1,500 square foot fitness center
  • Pool and sauna
  • Movie theater
  • Professional recording studio
  • Golf and racquetball
  • Nutritional prepared meals and meditation therapies

If you or a man you love suffer crack addiction, call Serenity Lodge now at (855) 932-4045. Crack cocaine is not a dead-end street. You control your future by making this call for the treatment you need.