Also known as Halcion, triazolam is a strong, highly addictive benzodiazepine. Even when prescribed by a doctor, people who use the drug can quickly develop a triazolam addiction.

The Helplessness of Triazolam Addiction

Man Who Needs Help for His Triazolam AddictionMany people with a triazolam addiction feel unable to function without using the benzo. If they try to stop using the drug, they suffer terrible withdrawal symptoms. Some of these symptoms can be deadly without medically supervised detox.

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Signs of triazolam addiction include multiple unsuccessful efforts to stop taking the drug, cravings for it, and needing more triazolam over time to feel the same effects. People abusing triazolam also suffer problems in their lives, such as relationship issues, work or school problems, missed commitments, and financial problems. There may also be legal problems, particularly when the person with triazolam addiction fraudulently obtains the drug.

When doctors prescribe triazolam, individuals often follow the exact prescription as directed. However, they can still develop tolerance if they use the drug for more than a few weeks. Once tolerance develops, patients may increase their doses without consulting their doctor, or try to obtain the drug illegally after their prescription ends. For many, this is how triazolam dependence begins.

Many people without a Halcion prescription try to obtain the drug illegally to help with sleep problems. Even though the intention is relatively harmless, they’re more likely to develop an addiction. People using it often get stuck in a seemingly never-ending cycle.

Side Effects of a Triazolam Addiction

Triazolam often produces a zombie-like feeling. When you continue using the drug, this feeling soon seeps into your personality. Soon, you stop feeling the euphoria you first felt on Halcion, and feel like you need the drug in order to function normally.

Halcion acts quicker than most benzos on the market. The drug slows brain activity and helps people sleep better. Doctors prescribe triazolam for many patients with anxiety before medical or dental procedures. However, if you use triazolam for more than a week to ten days, it stops working as it should and only becomes a risk for addiction.

Triazolam gives you a gentle effect of calm as it slows your brain activity. This takes away worry and enhances your mood. If you take more than a standard dose of the drug, you may feel euphoric and “high.” Some people even experience hallucinations.

The downside of using triazolam is its deadly effects, including overdose. Triazolam overdose warning signs include slowed respiration, slurred speech, intense sleepiness, loss of balance, seizures, and double vision.

Many people using triazolam combine it with alcohol, prescription painkillers, or even heroin. Polydrug use that includes Halcion creates a potentially deadly cocktail. Mixing triazolam with opioids leads to central nervous system depression, which could make individuals stop breathing. The same is true with triazolam and alcohol.

Triazolam quickly causes addiction requiring treatment in a quality rehab center for lasting recovery. Recovering individuals must learn what led them to abuse Halcion, how their addiction formed, the effect of drugs and alcohol on their life, and how to avoid relapse. Only through a mix of therapies and treatment methods can you gain true freedom from addiction.

Men’s Rehab for Triazolam and Other Drug Addiction

When addiction takes over your life or that of someone you love, it’s difficult to take the first steps into recovery. As previously mentioned, triazolam and other drugs cause a variety of side effects that make quitting physically and psychologically difficult. However, with the help and guidance of the right rehab program, men like you can gain freedom from addiction for the rest of their lives.

Men’s rehab, at amenity-rich Serenity Lodge in Southern California, is where men recover from drugs and alcohol. The setting of Serenity Lodge’s residential inpatient program is serene and peaceful on 22 acres of land, where clients from Orange County, LA County, San Diego County, and the rest of the country focus on rehabilitation and healing from their addictions.

Addiction treatment programs of Serenity Lodge include:

If you or someone you love are ready to end addiction to triazolam through quality addiction therapy in a serene setting, one phone call can change your life. Reach out to Serenity Lodge today at (855) 932-4045.