12-Step Meetings in Orange County CA

As a local resident, attending 12-step meetings in Orange County CA can definitely aid your recovery. Being around peers struggling with the same addiction allows you to be in a non-judgmental environment during your recovery.

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Why Integrate 12-Step Meetings in Orange County CA Into Your Recovery?

According to the Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Division, there are about 5,000 hospitalizations and 600 deaths in Orange County each year due to alcohol and drug abuse. This tragic statistic indicates what television reality programs never show and what tourists never see… that the beautiful life in the O.C. can be as troublesome and touched by addiction as anywhere else in the country.

Most Orange County men who complete rehab at Serenity Lodge in Lake Arrowhead and other treatment environments become engaged in 12-step meetings in Orange County CA or near their own home. When attending 12-step meetings after rehab treatment, it’s important to ensure that you use these programs for all they are worth to remain strong in recovery. There will be times in which you feel weak or vulnerable to relapse. However, attending 12-step sessions or call upon your sponsor can help you resist temptations and get back on a solid path of sobriety.

Of course, finding the right 12-step meetings in Orange County CA for you takes a little research. You will want to obtain a list of 12-step meetings in Orange County from the Internet or other source, then locate one that suits your needs for convenience and proximity to your home or office.

After weighing your options for 12-step meetings in Orange County CA, you will then be able to attend meetings suited to your interests and needs. If you don’t quickly find programs you like, simply keep trying some out until you are able to connect with the right 12-step program in the right place for you.

How Can You Make the Most of Your 12-step Meetings in Orange County CA?

To make the most of your 12-step program, you will want to ensure you are involved in the meetings and aren’t just a quiet bystander. The 12 steps work when you work the 12 steps, as is commonly said by people who believe in these programs for recovery.

To get the most out of your 12-step program, do the following:

Become an Active Member

To become an active member, you need to openly and honestly participate. Share at your meetings and allow yourself to be vulnerable to the group.

Become Committed to the Program

Regularly attend meetings according to your needs. In the beginning of recovery, it’s important to attend more frequently than someone who has been sober for many years. If you’re feeling vulnerable to potential relapse, it’s also crucial to attend as frequently as possible at that time.

Accept Help From Others

People who attend 12-step meetings are very giving by nature anxious to help others in the group. You may find this somewhat overwhelming at first, but it’s a good idea to accept help as much as you can. Remember that these are people who understand your journey and have no judgment.

Get a Sponsor to Help You Through the Steps

An obvious way to ensure you are involved in your program is to get a sponsor and let this individuals guide you and help you through the steps.

Starting a 12-Step Program in Rehab at Serenity Lodge at Lake Arrowhead

Men in Orange County needing recovery from alcohol or drug addiction can enjoy the pristine, quiet and healing environment of Lake Arrowhead at Serenity Lodge, which is only a one and a half hour drive from Orange County. Serenity Lodge is a safe and healthy environment for men to strengthen in sobriety and rebuild their lives. Through a program of dual diagnosis treatment, evidence-based therapies, individual counseling, group/Family Support, and addiction education, men can reclaim their futures and enjoy greater fulfillment and happiness.

If you or your loved one need rehabilitation for drug or alcohol addiction for men, call Serenity Lodge now at (855) 932-4045 for more information about available programs. Getting started in the 12 steps is easy at Serenity Lodge. We’ll show you the way.