Are 12-Step Recovery Programs Overrated?

In 2012, 2.5 million people in the United States received substance abuse treatment at a specialty facility. 12-step recovery programs have strengthened sobriety for people working to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. These 12-step programs have proven effective for millions of people and are an integral part of nearly all addiction treatment programs.

Basic Benefits of 12-Step Recovery Programs

12-step recovery programs help people admit that they have an addiction. While this sounds elementary, acknowledging you have a problem is a step needed to start fixing it. Upon hearing similarities between themselves and other people they can relate to during 12-step meetings, denial often shifts into recognition of their own addiction and healing can begin. This peer support is part of the foundation of 12-step recovery programs and is a key reason why they work so well.

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The 12 steps help people form a healthy, sober and supportive community around them when they need it most. There is strength in numbers, just as having others to lean on can make anyone stronger. One of the best aspects of having so many people in recovery working together is that participants can better see that recovery is both possible and worthwhile.

Learning More About Self in 12-Step Recovery Programs

12-step programs don’t tolerate participants blaming others for their addiction, or looking at themselves as victims. Instead, 12-step recovery programs encourage members to empower themselves in recovery by regaining control of their lives. Members learn to recognize their addictive behaviors and overcome them.

12-step programs promote understanding that addiction is a legitimate disease with genetic roots. Instead of shaming members because of their addictions, group therapy programs encourage participants to overcome their disease through awareness, education, empowerment and personal responsibility for their own behaviors.

In attending meetings and getting to know 12-step program members, those in recovery are better able to see themselves objectively. They learn how they fell into the trap of addiction and how to avoid doing so in the future. Regardless of where they are in recovery, members have a support network to help them every step of the way. For these reasons and many others, the 12 steps are extremely valuable in recovery.

Are 12-Step Recovery Programs Overrated?

Some people contend that 12-step recovery programs are overrated. Although that is not Serenity Lodge’s position, we do offer a number of therapeutic modalities and recovery programs. Whichever method you’d like to use to get clean, we’re here to help you. At Serenity Lodge, we offer both holistic and evidence-based therapies, all of it centered on your eventual sobriety.

Therapies offered at Serenity Lodge include, but aren’t limited to:

12 Steps at Serenity Lodge in Arrowhead, CA

At Serenity Lodge in Arrowhead, CA, the 12 steps are an integral part of guest recovery. Serenity Lodge supplements 12-step recovery programs with evidence-based addiction treatment therapy while providing relaxing amenities at beautiful Lake Arrowhead. Clients at Serenity Lodge are able to strengthen and restore their own dignity in peaceful surroundings on 22 acres of open space and serenity.

If you or someone you love are ready for lasting recovery using the 12 steps and proven therapeutic methods among peers from LA County, San Diego County, and Orange County, call Serenity Lodge now at [Direct].

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