Addiction Treatment Centers

There are the addiction treatment centers that try to cater to everyone. Then, there are those that specialize in serving a particular demographic. As a man, how do you differentiate one set of facilities from the other? More importantly, how can doing so help you in your recovery?

Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment Centers vs. General Facilities

A general facility will treat Men in mixed groups. However, some addiction treatment centers recognize the importance of gender-specific modalities and now offer separate housing and therapy sessions. They still fall short of providing the specialized care you get at a facility that caters to only one gender. In the latter setting, medical professionals, therapists, and counselors focus on providing services to a narrowly defined demographic.

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The advantage is evident. At a men’s rehab center you’ll receive the kind of treatment that speaks to your core needs. Safety, privacy, modalities, and amenities have a slant toward your gender. You don’t get the fluff, and you don’t have to work through someone else’s rehab.

Therapy At Addiction Treatment Centers

One evidence-based method used at addiction treatment centers is behavioral therapy. A therapist helps you understand and then change the negative thoughts behind your self-destructive, addictive behaviors. The objective of behavioral therapy is turning positive thoughts and behaviors into a habit for you to follow.

Another method used at drug addiction treatment centers is holistic therapy, which includes massage, expressive arts, and meditation. Unlike evidence-based psychotherapy, holistic healing focuses on participating in positive experiences. In holistic therapy, patients express themselves and calm their minds in order to overcome the psychological roots of addiction.

Therapies offered at Serenity Lodge drug addiction treatment centers include, but aren’t limited to:

Can You Afford Gimmicks?

When you’re taking time out of your life to undergo substance abuse treatment, you want results. You’re prepared to do the work it takes to partner with therapists, who help you to return to sobriety. The last thing you need is a false promise. For this reason, experts recommend the selection of gender-specific, amenity-rich programs that customize treatments for clients.

Program components that work include:

  • Dual diagnosis assessment and treatment alongside a substance abuse protocol
  • 12 Step program availability that brings proven treatments to the facility that focus on relapse prevention
  • Fitness, recreation, and hobby opportunities round out a program that prepares you for returning to your life without the drug

Getting Help at a Men’s Only Treatment Center

For men in need of assistance with a substance abuse problem or alcohol use disorder, Serenity Lodge offers answers, privacy, and safety in a serene setting. Call us today at [Direct].

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