Is Your Husband Exhibiting Alcoholic Symptoms?

Watching your husband fall victim to alcoholism can’t be easy. You may want to help, but don’t know how. Some people in this situation try to ignore what’s happening and hope that it will all just go away. It may seem easier to deny that your husband has a drinking problem. Understanding and recognizing alcoholic symptoms in your husband can help you come to grips with the problem and seek help.

Common Alcoholic Symptoms

Husband Exhibiting Alcoholic SymptomsEach person is different. As a result, not everyone will show all the same signs of alcohol dependence. However, there are some universal indications that a person has a drinking problem. These common symptoms include:

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  • Drinking alone
  • Only going to places and events where alcohol is served
  • Always looking for reasons to drink
  • Missing work, school, or important events
  • Becoming irritable when alcohol isn’t available

Those struggling with alcoholism usually try their best to hide the problem. Your husband may also attempt to make you feel bad for trying to intervene. Alcoholics tend to put drinking ahead of their own needs as well as their spouses’. This doesn’t indicate a lack of love. It means that he has a problem with alcohol addiction and needs help. Fortunately, the right addiction therapy approaches can help him get his life back.

What to Do When You Recognize Alcoholic Symptoms

It’s important to not enable your spouse. Don’t cover up for your husband’s alcohol dependence. Enabling your husband’s behavior makes it easier for him to drink and doesn’t solve the problem. Trying to have an important conversation while he’s drunk won’t help, either. In fact, you may have to involve friends and family members in the conversation.

If your husband has a drinking problem, the best thing to do is to get him help as quickly as possible. It can be particularly difficult to quit drinking if the person has abused alcohol for a long time. Serenity Lodge understands how hard it is to overcome an addiction, which is why we offer access to safe, supervised treatment in a comfortable relaxing environment.

Getting Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Don’t let addiction control your husband’s life or ruin your marriage. Our alcoholism programs can guide him down the path to recovery. Aspects of our program include:

When your husband is ready to commit, drug and alcohol addiction treatment is just a phone call away. Contact Serenity Lodge today at (855) 932-4045.

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