Benefits of Quitting Drinking

A New Year’s Resolution is a great time to step back, evaluate your life and consider changing what no longer works. While most resolutions relate to physical or financial health, sobriety can also be a great goal. In fact, the benefits of quitting drinking and entering into an alcohol recovery program are far more numerous than the reasons to continue.

Financial Benefits of Quitting Drinking

If you’re considering quitting, but think that you won’t save enough money to make sobriety worth it, think again. The cost to resolve just one DUI can be enough to bankrupt many people. When considering increased insurance rates, jail time and possible job loss, you can see that quitting can save you thousands.

Check out the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism’s alcohol spending calculator to see how much you’ll save by putting down the bottle.

Physical Benefits of Quitting Drinking

If someone offered you the chance to increase your libido, reduce your risk of cancer and increase your lifespan, how would you respond? That’s exactly what sobriety can do for you, and that’s just the short list. You also get to avoid heart disease, impotence, insomnia, headaches, anxiety and depression.

Making New Friends

Society often depicts 12-step meetings as lonely, depressing places. In reality, AA and NA meetings encourage a lighthearted atmosphere that helps members maintain their sobriety while offering friendship with people who truly understand your situation.

If you’re considering sobriety as your resolution this year, Serenity Lodge in California can help. Our mission is to help men end their substance abuse problems while giving them back the dignity and self-respect they deserve in the process. We can help you identify the root cause of your addiction, teach you about relapse prevention and provide you with the therapies you need to live a healthy, addiction-free life.

Benefits of Quitting Drinking: Rehab Amenities

After undergoing detox and therapy, we offer you more benefits of quitting drinking: our amenities. Amenities help you find new coping mechanisms to replace alcohol’s place in your life. Healthy habits created in alcohol rehab are some of the most crucial benefits of quitting drinking. At our alcohol addiction treatment center, clients have access to many amenities including but not limited to:

Serenity Lodge amenities are more than just benefits of quitting drinking. Hobbies and fitness improve your confidence and provide you with skills — lifelong benefits of quitting drinking. From art to sports to inner peace, at Serenity Lodge you’ll find fun outside of a bottle. Come discover your life’s new passion with us today!

Whether you’ve decided that sobriety is your resolution or you have questions about the process, we’d love to talk to you. We offer plenty of treatment programs for men of all ages, even some that allow you to live at home while receiving treatment. We offer clients customized treatment plans that meet their physical and spiritual needs.

Call Serenity Lodge today at 855.932.4045 to have a friendly, judgement-free discussion with an understanding admissions staff member. Let us help you ring in a healthy, happy and sober New Year.

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