How To Find Drug Addiction Help

If your son is showing signs of a drug addiction, now is the time to help. By getting addiction treatment as soon as possible, he’ll have the best chances for successful sobriety. Addiction is progressive, so when it’s caught in the early stages, recovery is much easier. Discover how the right drug addiction help can make all the difference.

Placement and Drug Addiction Help

It’s important to understand that addiction is a mental illness. Because the disease hijacks the survival instincts of the brain, it leads to compulsive using. These problematic behaviors occur in the prefrontal cortex.

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This part of the brain is responsible for:

  • Impulse control
  • Empathy
  • Self-awareness
  • Attunement
  • Emotional regulation

There’s a common misconception that a drug addict is a bad person. This is not true. He has simply lost the power of choice. Keep in mind he’s coping with an illness that affects the brain. Many users lack self-awareness, so you may need to plan an intervention.

What’s an Intervention?

An informal intervention is asking a loved one to consider addiction treatment. Sometimes bringing this up can make him realize he can’t recover on his own. In other cases, a formal intervention is necessary. However, these require professional assistance. There are many emotions in an informal intervention, and making sure it’s effective is important.

Therapy Is Key To Drug Addiction Help

When your son is in treatment, he’s going to need space. He’ll work with a qualified staff learning effective coping skills. Eventually, his brain will begin to heal and he’ll understand how to revolutionize his life. With the proper drug and alcohol addiction treatment program, he will begin to heal.

After deciding to seek drug addiction help, it’s time for an addiction treatment program, including therapy. One form of therapy used at addiction treatment centers are evidenced-based therapies, of which the main subtype is behavioral therapy. In behavioral therapy, a professional guides you in understanding and then changing the negative thoughts behind addictive behaviors. The objective of behavioral therapy is turning positive thoughts from sessions into enduring habits for you to follow.

The other main type of therapy is holistic therapy, which includes massage, expressive arts, and meditation. Unlike evidence-based psychotherapy, holistic healing focuses on participating in positive experiences. In holistic therapy, patients express themselves and calm their minds in order to overcome the psychological roots of addiction.

Therapies offered as drug addiction help at Serenity Lodge addiction treatment centers include, but aren’t limited to:

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