Why Gender-Responsive Drug Recovery Centers Work

Deciding to enter a drug rehabilitation facility can be a difficult time for some people. Change is hard, especially when it involves learning new ways to live after a drug habit consumes a person’s life. The high number of drug recovery centers doesn’t help in committing to this decision.

One way to narrow the choices is choosing a gender-responsive facility. These rehab centers offer detox treatment tailored to the needs of Men. Custom programs for individual needs can aid in addiction recovery.

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Understanding Gender-Specific Drug Recovery Centers

Man Going through Intake at Drug Recovery CentersFor both Men, the goals of recovery involve more than just abstaining from drugs. Ultimately, the objectives expand to include:

  • Having a desire to abstain
  • Building the confidence to make healthy choices independent of others
  • Developing life skill tools
  • Uncovering and working through underlying issues
  • Accepting support and continuing education for life after rehab

It’s difficult for non-gender-responsive addiction treatment facilities to meet some of these objectives. For example, men might prefer to talk about hitting rock bottom without offending or alienating women. Struggling to reveal personal trauma such as sexual assault might be easier for an all-women support group.

Gender-Responsive Drug Recovery Centers Provide a Safe Environment

Hitting rock bottom and being sexually assaulted are not gender-neutral. However, there are issues that are specific to one sex and not the other. The goal is to provide a safe environment for the person to process their issues.

Most women who struggle with addiction share similar experiences such as body image issues, domestic violence, and eating disorders. Being open and honest about these issues is easier to process in a group with other women.

Likewise, men struggling with addiction may have shared underlying issues such as career setbacks, legal issues, sexuality issues, and behavior management. Discussing how these issues affect men creates a powerful treatment experience.

Gender-Responsive Drug Recovery Centers Promote Healthy Relationships

While it’s more comfortable for individuals to openly express their feelings in a gender-specific group setting, it’s equally important to promote healthy relationships with the same gender. For some, it relates to traumatic experiences. For others, it could be due to issues around boundaries or many other things.

Some men find it difficult to be vulnerable around other men, while some women struggle to relate to and trust other women. Drug and alcohol addiction treatment specific to each gender gives people a community of support where they can learn to trust again. They can leave rehab focused on staying sober after learning healthy communication, which leads to building healthier relationships.

Change Your Direction to Change Your Life

If you are a male looking for treatment, Serenity Lodge has addiction treatment programs that can meet your needs. We help you discover new ways to live your life without substance abuse.

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