Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment For Men

Sadly, as few as 10% of Americans who struggle with addiction at any given time go to a rehab center. Knowing that addiction is an illness means that you should be eager to turn your life around. In many cases, a gender-specific addiction treatment program can deliver the best results. Take a closer look at some of the reasons men take advantage of a gender-specific addiction treatment program.

Tailored Amenities at a Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment Program

One of the biggest things to consider when choosing a gender-specific rehab facility is what kind of amenities are available on the premises. Not only do amenities provide a level of comfort and luxury, they can help create a schedule and structure, which in turn gives clients a sense of purpose each day.

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By choosing a gender-specific addiction treatment program, men can find facilities that cater to their unique needs. At Serenity Lodge, for instance, some of the amenities available to clients include the following:

Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment Is Free From Distractions

Recovery can be a challenging process for anyone struggling with an addiction. One of the ways to increase the chance of a successful recovery is by eliminating any distractions that could detract from the effectiveness of rehab efforts. In a gender-specific addiction treatment program, both Men can focus entirely on their own recovery. Unfortunately, some individuals replace drug or alcohol addictions with sex or relationships that don’t ultimately serve the goal of sobriety. Freedom from distraction, therefore, can be a major advantage.

Men are obviously capable of healthy interactions, but relationships shouldn’t be a priority in rehab. Gender-specific addiction allows men to focus entirely on healthy coping strategies, developing aftercare plans, and learning to live sober. For the duration of rehab, undergoing gender-specific addiction treatment without women encourages distraction-free recovery. Gender-specific addiction treatment also offers strategies specifically designed to help men. Therapies are geared towards men’s behavior, psychology, and addiction. Therefore, gender-specific addiction treatment is more specialized to help men achieve recovery.

A woman-free environment helps patients in men’s rehab focus on:

During group counseling, men may face male-specific issues that need discussion. Masculinity, abuse, aggression and learning to provide for loved ones are all issues that could be addressed. Men may be more willing to share their experiences and allow themselves to be vulnerable when their group sessions are limited to male participants. With gender-specific addiction treatment, there’s no need to maintain the masculine mask over your emotions. There’s no need to perform masculinity for women — only the need to achieve sobriety.

12-Step Program Curriculum Focused on the Needs and Lifestyles of Men

Spirituality-based rehab programs often follow the 12 steps, encouraging men to follow the steps and learn to relinquish control. In a men-only rehab program, these 12 steps can be tailored to gender and framed in a way that can benefit men most.

In many ways, a gender-specific addiction treatment program can benefit men who are ready to break free from the shackles of a drug or alcohol addiction. Contact Serenity Lodge in Lake Arrowhead, California, at [Direct] for more information on completing addiction treatment and moving forward in life.

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