A Heroin Addict Before and After Treatment

How long have you or a loved one been fighting your heroin addiction? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Seeing or being a heroin addict before and after treatment is like night and day — get help now!

If you’re reading this article, figuring out how to quit heroin has crossed your mind. It isn’t going to be easy, but as millions and millions of people before you have discovered, it’s possible, especially with the right heroin addiction treatment center in California.

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How To Quit Being A Heroin Addict Before and After

There are three primary ways to quit heroin use:

Quitting heroin cold turkey is by far the most difficult and dangerous way to quit heroin use. Without some type of medication assistance, you risk exposing yourself to dangerous withdrawal symptoms. If you can get your doctor to prescribe methadone and/or other tapering drugs, you could try to quit warm turkey on your own. Although it’s arguably easier than quitting cold turkey, there are still legitimate dangers.

Medically monitored detox from a licensed detox facility is the safest, most effective way to rid your body of dangerous toxins. Medical professionals curb withdrawal symptoms and monitor your nutrition during the process. Detox is the part of treatment in which people bring up heroin withdrawal, one of the most challenging times of recovery. Once the mind and body have healed from extended heroin use, focusing on your addiction treatment needs will be easier.

An advanced treatment facility like Serenity Lodge in Lake Arrowhead, California, could teach you positive habits for quitting heroin and reaching sustainable recovery. Through the use of modern treatment methods in a relaxed atmosphere, our counselors develop custom treatment programs for men.

Understanding A Heroin Addict Before and After

Because heroin addiction is an extremely powerful disease, it may have transformed you or a man in your life into a different person. When the disease takes over a person’s mind, it skews his priorities to make the need for opiates come first. He’ll put the drug above the people who love him the most and mean the most to him.

The good news is that the person addicted to heroin before and after can be completely different, but it will take time. If someone you know has developed a heroin addiction, you probably barely recognize the person today. Addiction is a mental illness that has the power to completely change a loving, kind and logical individual into the opposite. This change occurs because heroin addiction takes over the brain stem, which is responsible for human survival. It also drastically impairs a man’s prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for:

  • Decision making
  • Self awareness
  • Empathy
  • Impulse control
  • Social interaction

While living with a man with an active opiate addiction, remember that you’re dealing with a sick person. Everything he does revolves around his addiction, so he may lie, cheat and say some pretty terrible things. Because his newly altered brain is constantly in a survival mode, he can be quite defensive.

Heroin Addict Before and After Therapy

A heroin addiction can be difficult to overcome because it involves both physical and psychological dependencies. However, if addiction treatment was only about overcoming dependency, individuals would only need detox. In reality, living in addiction completely changes how a person deals with life. The best treatment programs help a person change his thought process and behaviors.

Therapy follows up on detox and physical sobriety by helping patients strive for psychological sobriety.

One method that changes a heroin addict before and after treatment is behavioral therapy, an evidence-based method centered on retraining the brain. Therapists guide clients towards overcoming their self-destructive behavioral patterns and addiction triggers. Another method involved in helping a heroin addict before and after treatment is holistic healing, including massage, expressive arts, and meditation.

Therapies that assist a heroin addict before and after treatment at Serenity Lodge include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). ACT, a type of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) calls for people to alter negative behaviors. ACT use at the heroin addiction treatment center maximizes the well-being of a heroin addict before and after treatment by teaching them how to overcome negative thoughts and feelings.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. CBT therapists know how to help a heroin addict before and after treatment– by developing coping strategies to discourage negative behavior. Heroin addicts also learn new, more highly productive ways to deal with life without having to rely upon substances like heroin.
  • Relapse Prevention. Unfortunately, about 80% of individuals who enter opioid or opiate rehab will relapse. However, when relapse prevention methods are provided, a heroin addict is 10 times more likely to remain sober. Sobriety isn’t a destination but a lifelong mission. At Serenity Lodge, relapse prevention is crucial in helping a heroin addict before and after treatment.
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Experiential Therapy
  • Family Support Program
  • Group Therapy Program

How Serenity Lodge Heals the Family

At Serenity Lodge in California, our male-only facility is ready to help you and your loved ones fully understand the disease of addiction and the road to recovery.

Our compassionate staff, many of whom are in recovery themselves, will let you know what to expect during every step of the way.

After quitting heroin, families see great changes their your loved ones after treatment, but we want to help everyone learn to heal together. Which is why we offer family counseling as well.

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