How Does Suboxone Work?

One of the biggest fears anyone has when they’re trying to quit opiates is the symptoms of withdrawal that come along with it. You may have heard of medications like Suboxone, but how does Suboxone work? This is a common question people want to know because when they’re trying to get sober, they want to be careful about what methods they use and how they work. In fact, Suboxone during an opiate detox program has helped millions of people over the years gain a solid foundation before beginning an opiate rehab program.

Why Does Withdrawal Happen?

The body creates a chemical called dopamine, which stimulates the brain and gives pleasure. Most people get dopamine from different activities they enjoy like spending time with loved ones, exercising or doing one of their favorite hobbies. Drugs and alcohol release large amounts of dopamine, which gives people a euphoric feeling.

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Long-term heroin abuse releases dopamine more frequently, and the drug also stimulates the brain’s opioid receptors. Once the drug is absent from the system or begins to leave the system, the neurotransmitters in the brain begin to misfire, which leads to symptoms of opiate withdrawal.

How Does Suboxone Work?

Suboxone is a non-narcotic medication that’s used to make the brain believe that you’re still using opiates. When taking Suboxone, the medication occupies the opioid receptors in the brain in an effort to reduce many of the symptoms of withdrawal. The good thing about Suboxone is that it doesn’t create the same euphoric feeling that opiates like heroin or prescription medications do, so it’s not as addictive. The medication also stays latched onto opioid receptors longer than opiates do, so it’s not a medication that you need to take as often as you have to take opiates in order to feel well.

How Does Suboxone Work? Learn the Answer at Serenity Lodge

The detoxification process, in which you learn “how does Suboxone work?”, is only the beginning. At Serenity Lodge in Lake Arrowhead, California, our goal is to help you learn how to live a better life without having to take any type of substance. After attending our partner detox facility, you’ll no longer need any substance to feel well. Through a variety of different evidence-based therapies, we’ll help you discover what’s been fueling your addiction so we can help provide you with suggestions that will keep you sober once you leave.

After learning “how does Suboxone work?” in one of our detox centers, the next step for clients is therapy. Therapy continues the treatment process, moving from physical sobriety to psychological sobriety. Therapy is the key to relapse prevention.

One option is evidence-based behavioral methods centering on retraining the brain. Therapists guide clients in overcoming the behavioral triggers of their addiction. A therapist assists people on heroin in overcoming the behavioral triggers of heroin addiction.

Another option for patients is holistic healing, including massage, art, and meditation. Unlike traditional psychotherapy, holistic methods help patients through participation in positive experiences. Mental calm and creativity are the primary goals of holistic healing.

Group therapy allows the guest to process recovery with the help of others. Group therapy unites clients as as peers in recovery, working with a therapist on mutual goals.

Addiction treatment therapies offered in Serenity Lodge detox centers include, but aren’t limited to:

Serenity Lodge is located in Lake Arrowhead, CA, on 22 beautiful acres of land, which gives our Clients the perfect serene setting while they begin their journey of recovery. Gives us a call today at [Direct] for more information about effective substance abuse treatment programs.

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