How is Heroin Used?

Far too often, the heroin epidemic we hear so much about in the news makes its way to our doorsteps. To better understand your loved one’s heroin addiction, you might be wondering, “How is heroin used?”

How is Heroin Used?

Whether it’s because they want to hide the evidence and/or make the process as easy and convenient as possible, most people who abuse heroin have a preferred method of use. The three primary methods are:

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  • Sniffing or snorting
  • Smoking
  • Injecting

In all three cases, the drug adversely affects the brain. Contrary to common myths, all three of these methods can have the same end result, creating an addiction within a relatively short period of time.

The Signs of Heroin Use and Abuse

Each of the previously mentioned three methods leaves evidence of use. That said, snorting is the most difficult to detect because it requires the least preparation. All the individual needs is a rolled up dollar bill. Snorting is arguably the most dangerous method because it’s more difficult to control the dosage, which increases overdose potential.

Smoking heroin involves heating the drug to a liquid form, then inhaling it through a pipe or tin foil. The individual ingests the vapors from the drug. Because it takes more of the drug to get a complete dose, some users consider this the most expensive method.

The third method is injection. Because the user injects the drug directly into the bloodstream, he feels the effect quicker. Also, this method carries more health risks for the heart and other vital organs.

Heroin Addiction Treatment

Eventually, someone who has asked “how is heroin used?” who then uses heroin ends up addicted. For those heroin users that decide to quit, a new question emerges: what heroin addiction treatment should I undergo?

Treating heroin addiction requires various types of treatment. At Serenity Lodge, we have multiple therapies and programs to treat heroin addiction. At Serenity Lodge, we offer both evidence-based and holistic treatments for heroin addiction.

After going through withdrawal during medical detox, the next step for clients is therapy. Therapy builds on physical sobriety by helping achieve psychological sobriety.

Some professionals and clients prefer behavioral therapies, an evidence-based method centered on retraining the brain. Others prefer holistic methods, including meditation, massage, and other positive experiences. Meditation calms the mind and art allows for expressing buried emotions, along with the holistic value of creativity.

Group therapy allows the individual to process recovery with the help of others. Group therapy brings clients together as peers in heroin addiction recovery, working with a therapist on their shared goals.

Addiction treatment therapies offered to people on heroin at Serenity Lodge include, but aren’t limited to:

How Serenity Lodge Can Help

If your loved one is addicted to heroin, he’ll need help kicking the habit. Serenity Lodge in Lake Arrowhead, California, provides accredited heroin addiction treatment for males. Not only will they get quality therapy and counseling, but they’ll also have access to programs that promote a healthier lifestyle.

We also offer an array of amenities on our 22-acre grounds. Clients can take advantage of meditation and massage therapy, as well as nutritional training. We also invite clients to enjoy a state-of-the-art gym, racquetball and golf as alternative coping techniques in a relaxing atmosphere.

If you would like more information about how is heroin used or our premium heroin addiction treatment programs for makes, call Serenity Lodge today at [Direct]. We’re dedicated to guiding your loved one away from heroin and onto the path of recovery.

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