How to Prevent Relapse

Recovery isn’t easy. Even if you breeze through a drug rehab program, you’ll have to resume your life eventually. Having a plan in place to avoid falling back into bad habits and learning how to prevent relapse can lead to a successful recovery.

Setting a Positive Tone

When you finish a rehab program, you’ll probably feel better than you have in a long time. You tell yourself that you’ll never use again. Then you return home.

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In the best case scenario, any toxic influences will be booted out of your life. However, you’ll still have to deal with your triggers as they arise. Without a strong recovery foundation, you may find it difficult to handle life’s obstacles.

How to Prevent Relapse

It’s imperative to create a relapse prevention plan before you go home. A good rehab facility will give you pointers on how to handle life outside when your program is over. Taking part in a Family Support program, inside or outside of rehab, can also help you and your family come to terms with what led you to addiction.

Steps that will help prevent relapse include:

  • Avoiding old haunts
  • Letting go of toxic relationships
  • Adopting effective coping skills
  • Creating a plan of action
  • Taking medication as prescribed

You’ll have to change some things because you can’t expect to create a new life by sticking to old habits.

Staying away from the people and places you used to hang around when you used is important. It’s also crucial to learn how to deal with stress. You have to practice positive coping skills instead of relying on drugs or alcohol whenever you’re having a difficult time.

Creating a plan, and sticking to it, is another important step for learning how to prevent relapse. Once you write it down, place it in a spot where you see it every day to motivate you.

Serenity Lodge Will Teach You How To Prevent Relapse

Recovery isn’t a one-time event. It lasts for life. At Serenity Lodge, we give men working to overcome their addictions the tools and support they need to achieve sobriety. We provide an amenity-rich environment that focuses on your comfort and safety.

You can work out in our spacious gym, take in a film at our on-site movie theater, or relax with meditation therapy. Work up a sweat on the racquetball court or in our sauna. Enjoy all of this on 22 beautiful acres nestled in a serene, peaceful setting. We also offer relapse prevention therapy, in groups or individually.

Relapse prevention support groups bring together patients as peers who all strive to overcome substance abuse. With a therapist, the group works toward sobriety by sharing and building on their collective experiences with substance abuse. Learning how to prevent relapse also features heavily in outpatient treatment, which focuses on ensuring your sobriety sticks after leaving inpatient rehab. Therapies offered to clients at Serenity Lodge include, but aren’t limited to:

We also provide assistance with relapse prevention to help you successfully adapt to your new sober life.

You don’t have to let addiction control you anymore. Partner with a quality rehab facility and overcome your addiction. Contact us at Serenity Lodge at [Direct], and we’ll get you started on the road to recovery.

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