How To Stop An Addiction

Whether you’re struggling with a drug or alcohol dependency, figuring out how to stop an addiction can be frustrating. Many people have tried multiple times to quit on their own, but end up relapsing. Relapses can be devastating, often making everyone involved feel helpless and hopeless. Millions of people around the world once felt the exact same way, but they’re now living lives that they never thought possible during active addiction.

Learning How to Stop an Addiction

Addiction is a severe mental illness that doesn’t want a person to get well. It affects the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for survival, self-awareness, logical decision making and impulse control. Each one of these aspects are crucial when it comes to getting help. Therefore, men struggling with addiction must understand two things before attempting to overcome their problem:

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  1. Fully conceding that there is a problem
  2. Realizing that you can’t solve it on your own

Without acknowledging lack of self control after a single drink or pill, it’s going to be difficult to overcome addiction. The next step is realizing that you or a loved one don’t have to do this alone. One of the reasons so many people relapse is because they don’t go to treatment programs or get the support they need for long-term sobriety.

A 12-Step Program Promotes Lasting Recovery

Recovery from active addiction is an ongoing process. Getting sober is the easy part, but staying sober is the challenge. Different 12-step programs provide ongoing support, allowing people in recovery to continue growing. Relapse triggers in early recovery are much different than someone with six months of sobriety. Lessons learned during 12-step programs allow men to continue battling their addiction and live the life they deserve.

Therapy Is How To Stop An Addiction

Want to know how to stop an addiction? Go to therapy as part of a substance abuse treatment program. After going through withdrawal during detox, therapy focuses on the psychological roots of your substance abuse.

One method that teaches patients how to stop an addiction is behavioral therapy, centered on retraining your brain. A therapist helps you understand and then change the negative thoughts behind your self-destructive, addictive behaviors. The objective of behavioral therapy is turning positive thoughts and behaviors into a habit for you to follow. Another method that helps clients understand how to stop an addiction is holistic therapy, which includes massage, expressive arts, and meditation. Holistic healing teaches patients through participation in positive, holistic experiences. In holistic therapy, patients express their repressed emotions and clear their minds in order to confront and overcome the triggers of their addiction.

Group therapy has been suggested as how to stop an addiction for decades. Group therapy unites patients around the collective goal of recovery and sobriety. A therapist teaches them how to stop an addiction by expanding on each member’s individual experiences with substance abuse. Therapies offered to clients at Serenity Lodge include, but aren’t limited to:

Learn How to Stop an Addiction During Gender-Responsive Treatment

Serenity Lodge is an all-male drug and alcohol rehabilitation center grounded in 12-step principles. We’ll help you build a strong recovery foundation while giving you the tools needed for long-lasting recovery. Our comprehensive continuum of care includes aftercare programs which allow you to stay on the right track. To verify your insurance or learn more information, call us today at [Direct].

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