Is A Gender-Specific Addiction Program Covered By Insurance?

There are a number of benefits to choosing a gender-specific addiction program, and many men look forward to the prospect of recovering through these programs. Although committing to a rehab program is vital, you also need to know whether your insurance will cover the cost of the program. Here are some ways to find out if your insurance will cover a gender-specific addiction program.

Is the Gender-Specific Addiction Program Licensed and Recognized?

Most insurance policies won’t specify whether coverage is limited to gender-specific addiction programs. In fact, most insurance providers won’t distinguish between co-ed and gender-specific programs whatsoever. Far more important will be whether a program is recognized by the state and licensed.

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Serenity Lodge in Arrowhead, California, is licensed by the State of California. It’s also recognized by the California Department of Health Care Services. These acknowledgments are going to be very important to insurance providers, who want to ensure that their policy holders go to accredited rehab centers.

What is the Length of the Gender-Specific Addiction Program?

Whether or not a rehab program is covered by an individual’s insurance may have a lot to do with the length of the program itself. Virtually all policies cover outpatient programs, but these may not offer the accountability and 24/7 atmosphere that leads to lasting success.

Of course, a 30-day program costs less than a 60-day program. Clients may want to keep that in mind when they choose a gender-specific addiction program that fits into their schedule, lifestyle and budget.

The ACA and Rehab Coverage

Many individuals who struggle with addiction are still worried that their insurance policy won’t be able to cover rehab in any fashion. Thankfully, that worry is a thing of the past.

Thanks to legislation like the Affordable Care Act, addiction is formally classified as a medical illness, which means that treatment has to be covered. Often, addiction treatment and rehabilitation, even gender-specific rehabilitation, will be covered under the mental health section of a health insurance policy.

UnitedHealthcare and A Gender-Specific Addiction Program

With UnitedHealthcare, entering a gender-specific addiction program is easier than you’d think. You’d also be surprised by the quality of this rehab program and our facilities.

When looking for a gender-specific addiction program, knowing whether insurance covers it or not is critical. You want to know where you can find help, and whether rehab is covered. There are many variables from one policy to another, which determine how much your policy pays for rehab. When looking for an addiction recovery rehab, gaining quick access to insurance policy information for treatment coverage is crucial. You want to know where you can gain help and how much of that rehab will be covered.

Serenity Lodge is covered by UnitedHealthcare, and provides:

What do the Specifics of Your Policy Detail?

Ultimately, individuals will need to check out the specifics of their health insurance policy. Then you can determine if you are covered for a gender-specific addiction program. As reference, many major health insurance providers like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana and Aetna offer coverage for gender-specific addiction programs, setting plenty of precedent for a successful stay in your future.

Since insurance often covers gender-specific addiction programs, you may be able to benefit from male-only recovery. Contact Serenity Lodge, with a scenic and amenity-rich location in Lake Arrowhead, California, at [Direct] for more information on how to determine if your insurance covers the addiction treatment you need.

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