Is Alcoholism Hereditary?

You might be asking, “What is alcoholism?” or “Is alcoholism hereditary?” Alcoholism is a disease that lasts for life, potentially hurting everyone in its path. There are many reasons why some people become addicted while others don’t. Genetics is only one link.

Is Alcoholism Hereditary?

Studies suggest that alcoholism is hereditary in about 50% of cases. Multiple genes could increase someone’s risk. In fact, one study found that up to 51 genes could be related. Having these genes increases the chances of becoming addicted to alcohol. However, not everyone who has common genes will develop the disease.

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For example, some people have a gene variant that speeds up how fast their bodies break down alcohol. This makes their skin turn red and causes stomach pain when they drink. It also speeds up their heartbeats.

Many people exhibiting these symptoms prevent the disease by not drinking. However, not everyone who drinks alcohol and has these genes will become addicted.

Chemicals in the Brain

There’s more to the story of alcoholism than just the genes. Unfortunately, with the way the brain works, everyone has the potential to become addicted. Alcohol affects the brain’s pleasure centers, tricking the body into believing drinking is a good thing.

Scientists have discovered that people with alcoholics in their families have a smaller section of the brain relating to cravings. High levels of a certain chemical in the brain relate to a high alcohol tolerance. Scientists think that having a certain chemical receptor blocks the behavioral response of the body to alcohol as well.

Is Alcoholism Hereditary? Get Treatment Now

Is alcoholism hereditary? Regardless of the roots of your addiction, treatment is key to your recovery. After going through withdrawal during detox, the next step in beating alcoholism is therapy. Therapy builds upon detox and physical sobriety by tackling the psychology of your alcoholism.

One way therapists help you conquer alcoholism is behavioral therapy, an evidence-based method focused on retraining the brain. Therapists help patients overcome self-destructive behavior involved in their alcoholism. A second method is holistic healing, including massage, expressive arts, and meditation. Holistic healing, as opposed to typical psychotherapy, centers on the power of participation in positive experiences. Creative activity helps alcoholics work through repressed emotions, and meditation helps clear and calm the mind.

Group therapy is another vital piece of alcoholism treatment. Group therapy gathers alcoholics around the collective goal of sobriety as they work with a therapist. Therapies offered to alcoholics at Serenity Lodge include, but aren’t limited to:

Amenities at Serenity Lodge

If you’re a man with an alcohol or substance abuse addiction, you can find peace in the safety of Serenity Lodge. Clients opting for residential treatment can enjoy private rooms and beautiful surroundings. With 22 acres of land on Lake Arrowhead, some of the amenities at Serenity Lodge include

Serenity Lodge promotes wellness so that men relax and focus on recovery. The serenity of the environment also heals the body, mind and spirit. We also provide clients with addiction education to help them understand that, regardless of how their alcoholism developed, we’re here to help.

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