Is Treatment for Drug Dependence Effective?

Your drug or alcohol use is out of control. You know you need to quit. However, is the time you spend undergoing rehab worth it? Is treatment for drug dependence effective?

What Typically Happens at Rehab?

Is Treatment for Drug Dependence Effective?Is treatment for drug dependence effective? It depends on the addiction treatment programs that a rehab facility offers. Typically, it’s your best bet to stick to a center that relies on evidence-based modalities, not fads.

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Examples of these kinds of programs include:

  • Dual diagnosis assessment and treatment to see if you have a co-occurring mental health condition
  • One-on-one psychotherapy that may follow a system of cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Trauma Informed counseling that makes it possible to deal with unresolved trauma
  • Group therapy that opens the door to 12-Step attendance and related relapse prevention strategies
  • Experiential therapies like fitness programs and recreational opportunities that benefit individuals who don’t typically open up during formal talk settings

Delivery Methods can Have an Effect on Success

Once you choose a facility that offers various evidence-based treatment options, consider how you will receive them. For the majority of program participants, inpatient drug rehab is the best way to go. During this form of treatment, you’ll live away from home, stressors, and triggers. The process offers safety, supervision, and the opportunity to relax.

However, there are situations when you can’t commit to a stay at a facility. An intensive outpatient program may be a good option. However, it depends largely on your drug use history and overall motivation to quit using. Discussing this option with an intake counselor before making your decision is a good choice.

Is Treatment for Drug Dependence Effective? What Do the Statistics Say?

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reveals that just under 24 million Americans need treatment for addiction. Of this group, only about 2.6 million actually seek it. Out of the individuals that did seek help, how would you gauge the success of the programs they visited? Some experts suggest looking at relapse figures.

However, as the Institute reveals, relapse is part of addiction treatment. Comparing treatment for drug dependence to programs for asthma and hypertension, the agency showed relapse figures across the board. About 40–60% of people undergoing drug and alcohol addiction treatment will experience a relapse. Compare this to the 50–70% of people suffering from asthma or hypertension.

In short, relapse figures aren’t a reliable measurement of treatment effectiveness, either. A better consideration is to follow the understanding of the disease model of addiction. Although there isn’t a cure for the disease, addiction treatment can help people live more productive lives.

Failure to get treatment results in a worsening of an ongoing disease. Addiction will get stronger while continuing to have adverse effects on your daily activities, health, and life. Eventually, it may very well kill you. However, you don’t have to let it get that far.

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