Physical and Behavioral Morphine Side Effects

Morphine side effects are dangerous because they can easily lead to dependence and addiction. Some people receive a prescription and end up becoming hooked. Others are looking for a new way to get high, and they discover that morphine delivers greater euphoria than any drug they’ve tried previously. While individuals are in active addiction, the dangerous side effects don’t come to mind, and these people quickly lose control in every facet of their lives.

Physical Morphine Side Effects

We all have a reward-based learning system that’s part of our evolution, and it’s what has helped us survive as a species. Basically, reward-based learning is our brain’s way of recognizing what gives us pleasure. Once we discover what makes us feel good, we repeat the action. That’s what makes morphine abuse so dangerous.

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While individuals may begin using morphine as a way to relieve pain, they may graduate into using the medicine to relieve stress. There are many reasons why a person will continue to use the medication, which forms a habit that’s nearly impossible to break alone.

The primary morphine side effects come from withdrawal symptoms once the body and mind become dependent. When morphine is absent from the system, the brain, organs and nervous system don’t know what to do. While going through this state of shock, the body and mind are also trying to regain balance. This can lead to a wide range of withdrawal symptoms that are not only uncomfortable but potentially life-threatening.

Some of these side effects include:

  • Muscle aches
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Fever

Morphine Side Effects Also Impact Your Life

When individuals develop a morphine dependence, the brain believes it needs the drug in order to survive. Without realizing it, people become stuck in a pattern of obtaining and using morphine as their top priority. This brings about a variety of problems that can affect family, social and professional lives. Even worse: despite the consequences, they continue to use the drug.

Whether developed through a prescription or not, morphine addiction has the power to tear families apart. Users may neglect to pay bills because they spend too much on the drug. They may begin to isolate and not want to be around loved ones. It’s also common for people to begin having problems professionally because they use before, after and during work.

In the end, the only way to overcome these damaging physical and behavioral morphine side effects is at a high-quality drug rehab facility.

Getting Help for an Addiction

At Serenity Lodge, we’ve designed our treatment programs to offer men a real solution to regain control of their lives. We work closely with a local detoxification facility here in Southern California to help you through the withdrawal symptoms. Once you complete detox, you can begin learning how to overcome your morphine addiction.

Our addiction treatment programs include the following:

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