The First Step to Overcoming Addiction

It can take some people years to get sober, and some people never end up seeking help. When you’re ready to get sober, there’s a first step you need to take on your path toward overcoming addiction. That simple process begins with acknowledging that you’re powerless over your addiction.

The First Step to Overcoming Addiction

Overcoming Addiction Starts with Acknowledging a ProblemThe first step when it comes to any problem is being able to acknowledge that there’s a problem in the first place. This may sound simple, but addiction is a cunning, baffling, and powerful disease. Due to the way the disease affects the brain, many people struggling with addiction don’t even realize that they have a problem. Something many people in active addiction lack is self-awareness, which is a responsibility of the prefrontal cortex.

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In order to begin the recovery process, you’ll need to really take a step back and see how addiction is affecting your life. In recovery terms, the first step towards sobriety is surrendering to the fact that you have this illness. During active addiction, you lose the power of choice, so you can’t control how much you drink or use once you start. When you’re able to surrender to the fact that you have this problem, it’s like a weight being lifted off of your shoulders.

The H.O.W. of Overcoming Addiction

Many people in recovery or in the addiction treatment field say that staying sober is a simple process for complicated people.

In reality, getting sober is a lot easier than staying sober, which is why many people relapse after getting clean. When you’re able to remember the acronym H.O.W., you’ll have a much better chance of hanging on to your sobriety. Without these three simple things, recovery is going to be difficult and relapse is most likely going to sneak up on you. The acronym H.O.W. stands for:

  • Honesty
  • Open-Mindedness
  • Willingness

Although it’s last on the list, willingness is the key characteristic you need to maintain your sobriety. When you have the willingness to get sober, becoming open-minded and honest are much easier tasks. You need to be honest with yourself as well as others about what’s going on with you and how you’re doing. Being open-minded means that you’re willing to take in new ideas and concepts that you may have neglected before.

Going to Treatment

When you surrender to the fact that you have a drug or alcohol addiction, substance abuse counseling can help you. Through different forms of addiction therapy, you’re going to see that you don’t have to go back to your old way of living. In order for these therapies to work in your life and keep you clean, you need to be willing and open-minded.

Serenity Lodge is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center for men that’s here to help you get sober and stay sober. We’ll show you that there’s an opportunity for you to live a happier, healthier life.

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