Oxycodone Addiction Treatment

Across the United States, millions of people take oxycodone for pain. In fact, the United States prescribes oxycodone more than any other country in the world. Since doctors commonly describe it to people suffering from pain, you may be asking yourself, “What is oxycodone addiction?” There’s a fine line between taking the medication for pain and becoming addicted to it, and once an individual crosses that line, a man’s life can become highly unmanageable.

What is Oxycodone Addiction?

Most men can take prescription pain killers without having any issues. However, an estimated 10% of the population become develop an oxycodone addiction and find it impossible to stop. Oxy addiction can lead to a physical and mental dependency, and can also cause negative social and work problems.

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An oxycodone addiction progresses over time, so it can be hard to know if and when it develops. Those struggling with addiction lose the power of choice when it comes to taking the medication, which means that they take the medication more than what’s prescribed, even when they don’t want to.

Signs of an Oxycodone Addiction

Like many opiates, oxycodone can cause an initial euphoric feeling. The brain begins telling the person that they need to take more of the medication in order to feel well, but they begin chasing the high rather than the pain relief. Eventually, the person may see multiple doctors in order to get more of the medication, or they may begin to steal the medication from loved ones. They may even purchase the medications illegally.

Oxycodone Addiction Treatment

After going through withdrawal during detox, the next step in oxycodone addiction treatment is therapy. Therapy continues the process begun in detox by working on the psychology of oxycodone addiction.

One treatment is behavioral therapy, an evidence-based modality centered on retraining your brain. A therapist helps oxycodone addiction patients overcome self-destructive thoughts and behaviors. Another treatment is holistic therapy, including massage, expressive arts, and meditation. Holistic healing works through the power of positive experiences, as opposed to traditional psychotherapy.Creative activity lets patients express repressed emotions and energy, while meditation helps clear calm the mind.

Group therapy is also important in treating oxycodone addiction. Group therapy unites clients around their collective goal of recovery from oxycodone addiction. Therapies offered to clients at Serenity Lodge include, but aren’t limited to:

Where to Get Help

Oxycodone addiction recovery starts with a medical detoxification process to curb inevitable oxycodone withdrawal symptoms. It then continues with a comprehensive addiction treatment program.

If you’re a male struggling with an oxycodone addiction, Serenity Lodge in Lake Arrowhead, California can help. After attending a medically monitored drug detox at our partner site, you’ll transition into one of our evidence-based addiction treatment programs. If you need further stabilization following detox, our partial hospitalization program can help nurse you back to full physical help as you begin addiction treatment.

We want to do more than just help you kick your oxycodone addiction. We aim to teach clients a new way of living. Even if you struggle with pain, we’ll teach you alternative coping strategies to help you overcome your addiction and live a better life. Call Serenity Lodge today at [Direct] to start your recovery journey.

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