The Dangers of Prescription Painkillers

For many people, the road to addiction to prescription painkillers begins innocently enough. They begin taking these medications after an injury or as a result of a chronic condition. Over time, they become physically and psychologically dependent on these drugs to the extent that the medications lead to dysfunctional behaviors and an obsessive focus on getting more of the drug. That’s when so-called “normal” prescription drug use crosses the line into dangerous addiction.

The Warning Signs of Addiction

The Dangers of Prescription PainkillersThe majority of people can safely use prescription medications without becoming dangerously addicted as long as they follow their physician’s instructions. However, because of a complex combination of genetic, environmental, and personality factors that scientists are still seeking to understand, some people suffer from the disease of addiction and become dysfunctionally dependent. If you believe your loved one is abusing prescription painkillers, pay attention to these signs:

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  • Going to several doctors to get prescriptions
  • Keeping your drug use or the extent of it secret from your loved ones
  • Hiding medications
  • Focusing much of your time and attention on using or procuring more prescription painkillers
  • Raising your dose without consulting your doctor
  • Abusing drugs despite losing control of your life

If you’re a man who sees himself in the above descriptions, chances are good that you have a serious painkiller addiction problem that requires professional intervention. Because of the physical dangers involved in withdrawing from prescription painkillers on your own, you need the help of a professional.

Welcome To Serenity Lodge

While addiction can be a struggle for anyone, men face special challenges. Thanks in part to societal expectations, many men find reaching out for help to be particularly difficult. At Serenity Lodge, we’re dedicated to helping men regain their physical, emotional, and spiritual strength in a supportive environment. We take every aspect of their personality, medical and addiction history and support system into consideration. Clients at our California drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility can expect to be treated with the utmost dignity and respect. A specialized program will be tailored for each individual that includes most or all of the following features:

If you are a man suffering under the heavy load of an addiction to prescription painkillers, take your first step toward health and complete wellness today. Call our caring professionals at (855) 932-4045.

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