Where Does Recovery From Addiction Begin?

Beginning the addiction recovery process can feel overwhelming. Sometimes, it is challenging to know where to start. Recovery from addiction takes time and effort, but it can begin with the following steps.

Accepting the Diagnosis of Addiction

Man Who Embraced Recovery from AddictionRecovering from addiction can only begin once you acknowledge that addiction is a problem in your life. Far too many people postpone treatment and recovery, because they want to justify their substance abuse.

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If you rely heavily on drugs or alcohol, then dependence could be an issue. If you want to stop but can’t for any reason, then you’re probably struggling with addiction. Although this can be easy to diagnose at a distance, it isn’t always easy to recognize addiction in yourself. By admitting that there is a real problem, you can start to move forward and make progress in recovery.

Seeking Out Professional and Medical Help

Once you have acknowledged that you are struggling with addiction, you can start to explore the help and resources available to you. Trying to recover on your own is rarely a good idea. Instead, drug and alcohol addiction treatment can offer you a pathway to recovery.

Through treatment, you’ll have accountability, expert medical advice, and addiction therapy throughout the process. This makes recovery much safer from a medical point of view, and it can also be a lot more comfortable. Plus, therapy can explore any underlying issues and resolve problems that might lead to relapse in the future. In short, professional treatment is the best way to fight back against addiction.

Understanding the Full Continuum of Care

There is no quick fix or miracle cure that can end addiction. The only way to find lifelong sobriety is to embrace the full continuum of care. Prospective Clients should go into recovery knowing each step of this process.

To start, detox is usually a necessity. This is when you stop consuming your preferred substance, and work through withdrawal. Then, the real work can begin.

In rehab, Clients can learn how to maintain their newfound sobriety. Partial hospitalization programs or residential rehab is a common place to start. Outpatient programs are a great transition, and then many individuals will focus on creating and maintaining a support system. Drug or alcohol recovery is a lifelong process, so preparing for ongoing and continuing care has to be a priority.

Recovery From Addiction at Serenity Lodge

If you’re ready to get serious about recovery from addiction, Serenity Lodge can help. In a safe and relaxing environment, Clients can take part in all kinds of programs and treatment methods that aid in recovery. Just a handful of the amenities and therapies available include the following:

Recovery from addiction is a long process, but it starts with the very first step. At Serenity Lodge in California, you can get help and begin working toward sobriety. Call (855) 932-4045 to learn more about the right program for your lasting recovery.

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