The Dangers of Recreational Drug Use

There’s no safe or responsible way to use drugs. Some people abuse drugs but justify it by saying that it’s occasional or recreational. However, even recreational drug use comes with a wide range of risks.

Health Risks

recreational drug usePerhaps the most obvious dangers of recreational substance abuse are the many health problems that it can cause. Using drugs just one time can lead to a range of physical side effects. While these side effects vary depending on the drug, a few of the most common include nausea, dizziness, slowed breathing, and constipation.

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Sometimes, recreational drug abuse can still be chronic. Individuals may use stimulants on the weekends, justifying it as part-time use. However, using drugs every weekend can rapidly impact your health. Over time, health conditions could include heart problems, changes to blood pressure, malnutrition, drastic weight gain or loss, kidney damage, or muscle atrophy.

Another danger to your health is simply that you’ll be impaired on a regular basis. You are far more likely to fall down, get injured, or be in an accident if you’re regularly using drugs. This is true whether you’re struggling with a serious addiction or whether you’re using drugs recreationally.

Legal and Criminal Dangers

The recreational drug use can also lead to legal problems. That’s because most recreational drugs are controlled substances. Using them can lead to jail time or other harsh penalties.

If you’re found to be using drugs while operating a moving vehicle, for example, you could be sentenced to jail time. Selling or buying certain drugs can also be punishable by law. This could jeopardize your career, your freedom, and your future.

Danger of Overdose

Every time you abuse drugs, you’re risking overdose. Although most people never intend to overdose, drugs don’t come with portion control sizes. Potency can vary by batch, and there’s always the risk that you could be taking too much.

An overdose is more than just an unpleasant feeling. Certain drug overdoses can slow down your heart or your respiratory system. In the worst case scenario, a drug overdose can lead to sudden death.

Risk of Addiction

Addictions don’t develop out of thin air. In many cases, they develop as a direct result of recreational or casual drug use. Using any kind of drug can be the precursor to an addiction. If you don’t want to risk the drug addiction, then you have to avoid recreational use altogether.

Ending Recreational Drug Use Once and For All

Addiction treatment programs are an effective way to end recreational drug use or the beginnings of an addiction. At Serenity Lodge, Clients will have access to a wide range of therapies and tools designed to help you combat drug dependence. Some of these tools and resources include the following:

Clearly, recreational drug use is incredibly dangerous. End drug use once and for all at Serenity Lodge in California. Call (855) 932-4045 to learn more about starting your journey to lasting recovery.

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