The Benefits of a Gender Specific Rehabilitation Center Program

Men who struggle with an addiction often feel isolated and alone. The right rehabilitation center shows that you’re not alone. Comprehensive 12-step programs promote peer support in recovery. Although you all suffer from the same illness, it’s also important to be in a group that can really relate to your struggles. For this reason, a gender-specific treatment facility can be beneficial when you’re ready to begin a life of sobriety.

Connecting with Peers at a Gender-Specific Rehabilitation Center

Many reasons lead men to alcohol or drug abuse, and high-quality treatment programs help you uncover the source. For instance, many men feel pressured to live up to certain societal standards. This pressure can sometimes lead to stress, depression and other feelings of inadequacy that make them turn to substances. Talking to other men going through similar issues shows that they’re not alone. A gender-specific rehabilitation center in California will help men feel comfortable discussing their emotions, past experiences, and goals for the future.

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Other challenges men face include:

  • Being open and honest about feelings and emotions
  • Overcoming stress about being the primary source of income
  • Upholding the ideals of what it means to be a man
  • Fearing not living up to those ideals

When you go to a gender-specific facility, you’ll be in recovery with other men dealing with the same issues and insecurities. You’ll begin to see that it’s okay to be honest about what’s going on so you can receive support. As you begin to see that you’re not the only person struggling with these issues, you’ll have a sense of ease and comfort.

Ensuring You’re Not Distracted

Whether you’re single or married, it’s important that you’re in a drug and alcohol treatment facility without unnecessary distractions. Time and time again, men in early recovery turn to relationships as coping techniques. This is another form of trying to fill the void that you try to fill with drugs or alcohol. Gender-responsive drug and alcohol treatment takes that distraction out of the equation.

The feelings one feels as they enter a new relationship can be similar to those feelings of euphoria when using a harmful substance. Gender-specific treatment prevents the possibility of new romantic relationships from forming for some clients, helping them to remain focused on their treatment plan.

The Best Place for Men

With the help of Serenity Lodge, you’ll see that you can be comfortable in your own skin without substances or relationships. You’ll learn how to manage feelings, emotions, and life in general without looking for a form of escape. Being able to manage life on life’s terms is one of the greatest gifts that addiction recovery can offer.

Serenity Lodge provides a variety of addiction treatment programs for our clients. Along with gender-specific treatment, we also provide the following programs:

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