Residential Alcohol Rehab

Choosing to commit to an alcohol rehab program is the very first step in gaining freedom from addiction and beginning a new life of sobriety. When choosing between various programs, give serious thought to residential alcohol rehab. A 24/7 residential program can be the difference between lasting sobriety and relapse, so it’s important to understand the benefits that residential alcohol rehab can offer.

Residential Alcohol Rehab Offers Constant Accountability

An outpatient rehab program only accounts for a few hours of time each day. Unfortunately, that leaves many more hours of temptation for individuals who are struggling with an addiction. Small things like driving to work and passing a bar or shopping for groceries and seeing beer on the shelf can be triggers that cause cravings and frustration for individuals.

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At residential alcohol rehab, these triggers are eliminated. There is also 24/7 accountability, ensuring that all clients participating in rehab are able to complete their rehab treatment program and leave as sober, stronger individuals.

Residential Alcohol Rehab Provides Daily Structure

An alcohol addiction eats up a lot of time, money, effort and energy. Breaking the ties to addition is a wonderful choice, but it leaves some individuals with very free schedules. This has the potential to lead to boredom and depression or a lack of purpose.

Residential rehab fixes that dilemma by offering structure to the day. Sleeping in until noon because there’s nothing to do isn’t necessary if your daily schedule includes a group breakfast, a 12-step program or a midday hike with new friends. Structure can help clients feel productive and engaged, breathing purpose into life during recovery.

Residential Rehab Takes a Holistic Approach to Health

At an outpatient or nonresidential rehab center, as much as possible will be crammed into a few hours each day or week to help individuals conquer addiction for the long term. However, even the best outpatient programs don’t have the time needed to create a holistic approach to health and recovery.

Some of the ways that a residential alcohol rehab like Serenity Lodge can contribute to health include:

  • Encouraging relaxation through massage therapy
  • Boosting physical fitness at the gym, the court or in the pool
  • Developing passions in a recording studio or the meditation area
  • Contributing to overall health through nutritional, prepared meals

Residential Alcohol Rehab Helps Create Healthy Habits

Sobriety requires structure and routine. Entering residential alcohol rehab at Serenity Lodge is an excellent time to build healthy habits for your new life. To start, eat three nutritious meals a day. The monitoring of inpatient rehab allows for a full accounting of what you eat.

In our safe, relaxing environment, clients also take full advantage of amenities including but not limited to:

Serenity Lodge amenities are more than just perks. Hobbies and fitness can boost self-esteem and provide clients with lifelong skills and habits that improve mood and lead to better overall health. From sports to creative art, Serenity Lodge offers you the chance to have fun without addiction. Come find your new passion with us today!

Residential Rehab Provides Aftercare Support

Rehab doesn’t last forever, but it can effectively prepare clients for a lifetime of sobriety. Residential rehab lays the groundwork for aftercare through sober living tips and references for therapists closer to home after treatment.

The time to overcome an alcohol addiction is now. Contact Serenity Lodge online or call us at [Direct] to find out why our male-only residential alcohol rehab in Lake Arrowhead, California, can be a promising start to your recovery from an alcohol addiction.

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