Identifying Your Loved One’s Signs of Addiction

Whether you’re worried about your spouse, child, friend or coworker, it’s important to know the signs of addiction. One of the reasons addiction progresses is because it goes unnoticed for months or years. If you’ve never had an addiction before, it can be difficult to recognize subtle changes in someone’s behavior. It’s vital to know the signs of addiction so you can get your loved one help before it’s too late. When you identify these signs, you can begin to seek out an appropriate addiction treatment center in California that can provide the care and support your loved one needs.

Understanding Addiction

When it comes to illicit substances, addiction takes over when a man develops a mental obsession and a physical craving. Those with an addiction are incapable of controlling their drug or alcohol consumption. Unfortunately, addiction’s impact on the brain could make people defensive about their problems. Additionally, they may get verbally aggressive or completely deny having a problem altogether. It’s important to understand the brain experiences changes from addiction, which can make an individual act out of character. Knowing these changes will happen will better prepare you to support your loved one as you approach the topic of treatment.

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Signs of Addiction to Alcohol

Because it’s a social lubricant that’s readily available, most men drink alcohol. However, those who exhibit symptoms of alcoholism have no control over how much they drink, regardless of the consequences. Whether they’re constantly late for work, argue with loved ones whenever they drink or even get a DUI, it’s important to know that men with an alcohol addiction have lost control and need help as soon as possible.

Those with alcoholism may:

  • Drink heavily even when there’s an important commitment the following morning or day
  • Go through alcohol withdrawal when they go even a short period of time without drinking
  • Feel guilty after drinking
  • Hide alcohol from others

Signs of Drug Addiction

Drug side effects vary from person-to-person and drug-to-drug. While “uppers” and “downers” are inherently different, some side effects are the same. The first thing you’ll begin to notice is drastic behavioral changes. This can include aggression, isolation, mood swings and insomnia.

Also, look out for a loved one needing money all of a sudden without an explanation. Men may also exhibit physical signs of addiction such as drastic weight change. Certain drugs like heroin leave track marks, so also pay attention to their arms or if they start wearing long-sleeve shirts more frequently.

Finding a Solution

Recognizing signs of addiction is a good start. However, the next step is far more important. If a man in your life needs help, our professional drug and alcohol treatment center in California is ready to step in.

If your loved one is beginning to show signs of addiction, it’s time to seek out appropriate addiction treatment programs in California. At Serenity Lodge, we provide programs for a wide variety of substances. These include the following:

To help your loved one begin addiction treatment, contact Serenity Lodge today by calling [Direct]. Our team is ready to help.

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