Can You Spot These Signs of Alcoholism?

The signs of alcoholism aren’t always easy to spot, which may stop your loved one from seeking help. Because society, for the most part, accepts alcohol consumption, many people just see a person’s drinking as completely normal. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. With alcoholism, individuals eventually cross a line and lose the ability to moderate alcohol consumption. If you’re on the fence about whether or not your loved one is struggling with alcohol addiction, pay attention to some of these common signs. These signs will be an indicator that you need to seek out an alcohol addiction treatment center in California the best care possible for recovery.

Withdrawal Is One of the Signs of Alcoholism

When people drink too much alcohol on a regular basis, their bodies can experience withdrawal if they go too long between drinks. Withdrawal symptoms like cold sweats, nausea, or shaking could look like the flu. Some people even start experiencing hallucinations.

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When these symptoms occur, many people struggling with alcoholism often don’t even realize that they’re going through withdrawal. They may just notice the shaking, nausea or headache during the day. However, as soon as they find the next drink, the symptoms go away.

Talking with Them About Their Drinking Problem

One of the primary signs of alcoholism is denial, and there’s actually a biological reason behind this symptom. Alcoholism affects the prefrontal cortex, and one of its responsibility is self-awareness. Your loved one may not even realize how many problems his drinking causes. They may try to justify and rationalize their drinking, which can make him extremely defensive when confronted.

Signs of alcoholism can be difficult for you to talk about with your loved one. An addiction specialist can help you set up a much-needed intervention. It’s extremely important that you speak with a professional before having an intervention so you do it right. Without proper guidance, you may miss the opportunity to help your loved one get into treatment.

The Physical Craving

The most difficult part about overcoming alcoholism is intense physical cravings. Those with alcoholism find that they can’t stop once they start. Even when they try to stop, the urge to drink is so strong that they often end up drinking to make it go away. This is one of the primary reasons drug and alcohol addiction treatment is so beneficial because it helps the brain heal. If you begin to notice that you are constantly craving an alcoholic beverage, it’s time to seek out professional help.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment in California

Located in Lake Arrowhead, California, Serenity Lodge offers life-changing alcoholism programs for those showing signs of alcoholism. Some addiction treatment therapies and programs we offer include the following:

If you or a loved one begin showing the common signs of alcoholism, contact Serenity Lodge today at [Direct]. Our team is ready to help you begin a program that will help you recover.

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