Is Your Husband Showing Signs of Drug Addiction?

Living with someone who has an addiction isn’t easy. The best option is to get that person help as quickly as possible. However, getting help is hard to do without knowing the signs of drug addiction. Here are a few signs that can help you determine if your loved one has a drug abuse problem.

Changes in Personality

Man Exhibiting Signs of Drug AddictionChanges in personality are one of the earliest indicators that someone has a drug addiction. When people suffer from drug abuse, they may go from being happy and smiley to angry and depressed. Does your partner snap or get angry at little things? If so, this behavior could be an early warning sign of drug abuse.

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Acting Secretly

When people act secretly, many people jump to the conclusion that it’s an affair. However, it’s another sign that your husband or wife may have a drug addiction. People with addiction often want to hide it from their families and friends. This behavior usually comes across as acting shady.

Financial Trouble

Are you suddenly experiencing financial trouble when you had none before? When it comes to signs of drug addiction, unexplained financial problems is a pretty serious one. Be on the lookout for missing valuables and a disappearing savings account. Your husband or wife may even try to borrow money from friends or relatives.

Decrease in Energy

Most of the time, people with drug addiction have less energy. Does your partner sleep all the time even after getting a full night of sleep? Does he or she have bursts of energy, but then crashes soon after? If yes, he or she may have a drug problem.

Increased Usage of Prescription Medications

What most people don’t know is that many drug addictions start with prescription medicines. If your husband or wife has prescription pain medication and starts taking more, he/she may have a problem. Once they run out and can’t get more from the doctor, they may turn to illegal street drugs.

Get Help for Your Spouse’s Signs of Drug Addiction

If your husband shows multiple signs of drug addiction, it’s time to get help. At Serenity Lodge, we can give him the drug and alcohol addiction treatment that he needs. In fact, we offer several fantastic services, including:

You and your husband don’t have to continue fighting addiction alone. Let us lead him down the path to recovery. Find out more about our transformative facility by calling (855) 932-4045.

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