Why Study Drugs and Addiction Go Hand in Hand

Many people struggle with study drugs and addiction, and people often don’t realize it because these medications are legal. Not only are they legal, but most of the time doctors prescribe them. The primary issue is that these medications can quickly turn a person’s life completely upside down.

Understanding Study Drugs and Addiction

The Link Between Study Drugs and AddictionStudy drugs fall into the amphetamine category, and they’re used to help people who have different attention deficit disorders. Doctors often diagnose individuals with ADD and ADHD while they’re in middle school or high school. The medications help with focus. While these medications can help some people, but many people end up abusing the medications. The different medications that fall into this class include some of the following:

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  • Adderall
  • Ritalin
  • Lisdexamfetamine
  • Dextroamphetamine

While these medications can help a person focus and study, they also release dopamine in the brain, which can be a problem. The way these medications affect the brain make it easy to develop a dependency. Eventually, a person may get to the point where they begin abusing the medication to study more, or they may abuse the medication in other ways. The issue on college campuses with these medications is becoming a major problem and causing thousands of young people to lose control.

The Danger of Study Drugs and Addiction

These medications have dangerous side effects like increased heart rate and blood pressure. It’s common for people in college to begin abusing these medications as a way to study longer. Without even knowing it, they’re putting themselves at risk of cardiac problems just so they can get a good grade. The brain begins justifying the addiction because the person’s grades in school are so important.

The other main issue with study drugs is that more and more people are abusing the medications in the same way people abuse cocaine. Often times, these medications are used in combination with alcohol, which can be extremely dangerous. People take these medications when they’re out drinking because the medications decrease the drunk feeling of alcohol. This helps people drink longer without feeling drunk. However, being drunk is the body’s way of telling you when to stop.

When a person isn’t completely aware of how drunk he is getting, there’s a high risk of alcohol poisoning. Most of the cases of alcohol poisoning also involve medications like this because the person didn’t know when to stop drinking.

Getting Help for Addiction

Study drug addictions are no different than an addiction to hard drugs like heroin, cocaine or meth. The addiction treatment programs here at Serenity Lodge are designed to help men who have lost control over their use of these medications. We have an amenity-rich facility, and some of our programs include:

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