Is Weed Addiction Real?

Marijuana has made headlines around the country in recent years because several states have made it legal. Many other states are still debating the matter or have changed their laws in some way. The debate surrounding weed legalization has many people wondering, “Is weed addiction real?” While many people believe it’s not, addiction experts believe otherwise.

Is Weed Addiction Real?

Man Struggling with Weed AddictionSome people can use weed on a regular basis without developing a dependency. However, the risk of dependence is real for some. Experts say that genetics, stress, and mental illness all play a huge role in determining dependency.

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Some smokers say that when they stop using weed after years of doing so, they experience no withdrawal. They describe it as giving up chocolate. Sure, they miss and want weed. However, their abstinence doesn’t cause physical or mental symptoms.

On the other hand, some people aren’t so lucky. While researchers don’t believe that most forms of marijuana are physically addictive, it can cause psychological withdrawal. Those individuals may experience anxiety, depression, and trouble sleeping among other issues.

Who Develops Weed Dependency?

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) believes that the number of people who develop marijuana addiction is on the rise. One reason is that more young teens smoke it than in previous decades.

Teens and young people are more susceptible to weed addiction than adults. To make matters worse, people treat weed like it’s a “cure-all.” Whether they have anxiety or pain, millions of people smoke weed to fix their problems.

While medical weed is a good fit in some cases, it’s not the answer for everything. People have to learn to control their dependence on this drug. Even adults who use it regularly set a bad example for teens and young adults.

Building a Tolerance

Experts also say that the more weed that people smoke, the higher chance that they have of developing a dependence. They also develop a higher tolerance, meaning they have to smoke more often to get the same high.

Weed stimulates the reward center in the brain as well. People eventually develop addictions to how it makes them feel. Overstimulating the reward center can make it difficult to feel pleasure from other activities. It makes people feel like they need the drug to feel happy.

Don’t Let Weed Addiction Ruin Your Life

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