Despite the rise in synthetic drugs, cocaine remains one of those glamorized substances that continues to draw people in. It’s popular for users who want an extremely quick high that also gives them boundless energy. Some people like it because it helps them lose weight. However, because it’s so addictive, people often get hooked very fast. Getting cocaine addiction treatment before it’s too late is vital for anyone dependent on this drug.

Recognizing the Need for Help

Man in Need of Cocaine Addiction TreatmentAs with most people who struggle with addiction, cocaine users rarely recognize that they have a problem. Some people only use it recreationally, so they think they’re in control of their use. However, addiction can sneak up on them, and before they know it, they’re completely dependent.

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It usually takes a crisis or hitting rock bottom for someone to admit he has a problem and that he needs help for it.

You’ll probably notice signs that someone is using. Common signs of cocaine addiction include:

  • Hyperactivity
  • Muscle tics
  • Constant sniffling
  • Nosebleeds
  • Decreased inhibitions

One of the more serious risks of long-term cocaine use is that it increases the possibility of suffering a stroke. Strokes can be debilitating and happen at any time.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

While many rehab models try to establish the same foundation, getting the right cocaine addiction treatment will address this specific drug and its effects.

Depending on the severity of your addiction, you may start off in a residential inpatient setting, which means you’ll stay in a facility for a set period of time. Getting away from the toxic environment where you used can be beneficial.

As part of a cocaine rehab program, behavioral therapy will help you get to the root of your addiction while exploring the reasons and motivations behind your use. It can sometimes be painful to recount the past, but discovering what led you to where you are today can pave the way for a brighter future tomorrow.

You’ll also learn positive coping techniques instead of negatives ones you relied on in the past. Using drugs or alcohol to deal with stress is a poor way to handle problems. Many people do it because they never learned effective coping skills. With the right behavioral therapy program, you’ll be better equipped to face your problems and deal with them in productive ways.

In some programs, you may receive incentives or rewards for continued abstinence. These could be anything from a phone call to a loved one or time spent pursuing a favorite activity.

Overcome Your Addiction

Serenity Lodge offers drug and alcohol addiction treatment for a wide variety of substances. Our cocaine addiction treatment program can help you live a sober life.

In the beautiful 22-acre surroundings of our facility, you’ll be able to get away from the noise and distractions of your daily life. You’ll find the peace and serenity you need to fully focus on healing. Your mind and body can be healthy again.

Along with cognitive behavioral therapy, our center offers acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and dual diagnosis treatment to address co-occurring mental health disorders. We’ll tailor our approach to your unique needs so that we can help you heal and move onto a new beginning.

We provide a host of amenities designed for your enjoyment and relaxation, including:

  • Swimming pool
  • Library
  • Fitness center
  • Movie theater
  • Indoor racquetball
  • Meditation pyramid

Our Clients are always treated with dignity and respect. We work diligently to give the people in our facility a comfortable, safe environment where they always feel valued.

If addiction is controlling your life, get the help you need. Overcome your addiction by going to a high-quality rehab facility. Call Serenity Lodge today at (855) 932-4045to learn more about our addiction therapy approaches.