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Many Clients come to Serenity Lodge because they’re struggling with substance abuse. Grounded in the 12-Step fundamentals, one of the first things we ask our Clients to do is surrender to their addiction and admit that they’re powerless to stop using on their own.

Our counselors, many of whom are in active recovery themselves, help guide Clients on a spiritual journey to find the root of their addiction. We combine that spiritual approach with accredited treatment techniques to help Clients leave our 22-acre, 48-bed location with the tools to live a sober life.

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How Serenity Lodge Helps Clients Recover from Substance Abuse

Our serene California addiction treatment facility on Lake Arrowhead is the best place for Clients to begin recovering from substance use disorders. With evidence-based addiction treatment programs and beneficial amenities, we offer a safe and comfortable environment that promotes growth and change.

Substance abuse treatment requires more than merely ceasing consumption. At Serenity Lodge, we’ve found that using is a symptom of underlying anguish. During intensive addiction therapy sessions, our therapists and counselors collaborate with Clients to discover the reasons behind self-medicating behaviors.

Our therapeutic modalities include:

Multiple Levels of Care

Because of the severity and dangers surrounding withdrawal symptoms, we often recommend that individuals go through our drug or alcohol detox program. This process gives our Clients the chance to cleanse their bodies of harmful toxins. Additionally, it helps them begin their substance abuse treatment with a clean slate.

After completing detox, Clients transition into one of our comprehensive levels of care. We’ve found that individuals who start with our residential inpatient treatment program have the best chance of achieving sustainable sobriety. Residential treatment requires Clients to live on our grounds 24/7 as they undergo extensive individual and group therapy. This level of care gives Men the structure needed to begin the healing process.

In addition to residential treatment, Serenity Lodge also offers various outpatient programs off-campus. Options like intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization provide added flexibility for individuals in need of high-quality substance abuse treatment. Individuals live at home and attend to family and professional obligations while still undergoing therapy. In many cases, these outpatient programs serve as step-down options following residential treatment. This continuing care eases the transition between drug rehab and full-on independence.

Life-Changing Substance Abuse Treatment at Serenity Lodge

While you may have drowned in your substance abuse for quite some time, Serenity Lodge could be your life-jacket. Call us today at (855) 932-4045.