PCP is a drug that has a long history in American drug culture. Also known as angel dust, PCP is a powder that individuals inhale or mix with water to create a liquid for coating marijuana or nicotine cigarettes. The drug provides hallucinations, delusions, irrational thoughts and out-of-body experiences for users. PCP addiction is common, with the drug causing severe physical and psychological dependence.

Signs and Symptoms of PCP Addiction

Man Overwhelmed by His PCP AddictionPCP addiction leads to distortion of your sense of time and being. You suffer hallucinations. You also suffer a reduced sense of self and become illogical and confused in daily life. In fact, some people using PCP believe they’re dignitaries or celebrities. The drug’s use is also characterized by an overwhelming fear of death. Eventually, you become isolated, alienated, and depressed.

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PCP addiction leads to multiple symptoms. These include euphoric feelings, reduced sensitivity to pain, feelings of invulnerability, apathy, believing yourself to have super strength, and going through withdrawal when you try to quit using the drug.

Because drug manufacturing varies so much, it’s hard to know how much PCP you use each time. If you only use a low dose, you feel numbness in your hands and feet while acting drunk. Moderate use partially or fully anesthetizes you, leading you to inability to move limbs or body parts. Using a high dose can cause convulsions or death.

Mixing PCP with alcohol or benzodiazepines is particularly dangerous. Death can occur after severe respiratory depression and coma. PCP reduces rational thought, leading many people using the drug to take other drugs or alcohol in a dangerous mix. People struggling with PCP addiction are at an increased risk of committing suicide.

PCP Tolerance and Addiction

Ongoing PCP abuse leads to a higher tolerance, which can easily morph into addiction. When your body becomes used to your standard dose of PCP, you’ll need more and more of it to achieve the desired effect. This is the beginning of a path that leads straight to full-blown addiction.

Individuals struggling with a PCP addiction experience an increased risk of long-term damage, such as psychosis. Many people using PCP may experience memory loss, inability to concentrate and a lack of boundaries.

Like other drug addictions, PCP can easily derail your life. It can damage your relationships, careers, finances, and other important aspects of daily living. However, addiction treatment can prepare individuals for a better life.

Treatment for Addiction to PCP

Detox is often the first step to PCP addiction recovery. There are many dangerous PCP withdrawal symptoms, including seizures. Licensed professionals will help you avoid these dangerous effects in detox, providing medical assistance should they occur.

Once you get through withdrawal, you’re ready to begin one of the actual addiction treatment programs where you will gain skills you need for lasting recovery. Rehab is also where you discover your underlying causes of addiction. You’ll gain a wide variety of therapies in rehab, including individual counseling, group therapy, and Family Support.

Your recovery will not be easy. However, the right setting and programs can help you heal from your addictions and move forward into a healthy, happier life. The key to achieving lasting recovery is in finding the right program that will work best for your individual needs.

Serenity Lodge in Southern California

Serenity Lodge is a men’s-only addiction rehab center providing treatment for men addicted to alcohol and drugs, including PCP. For residential addictions treatment, Serenity Lodge provides 22 quiet acres where you can focus on your healing.

Men from all over Southern California enter the safe, relaxing environment of Serenity Lodge for life-changing treatment needed for lasting recovery from a variety of addictions. There are many amenities available at Serenity Lodge, including:

  • Fitness therapy in a 1,500 square foot gym
  • Movie theatre
  • Professional recording studio
  • Pool and sauna
  • Racquetball and golf
  • Nutritional prepared meals therapy

Addiction treatment programs available at Serenity Lodge include:

If you or someone you love are ready to embrace addiction recovery, call Serenity Lodge at (855) 932-4045.